Excuse me...

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Excuse me, you seem nauseous.

Excuse me, but I need to go hug a gay guy.

Excuse me, I've got clouds to watch!

Excuse me, I'm the hell outta here!

Excuse me, I left my apartment on fire

Excuse me, but it appears this building is on fire

Excuse me, That's my fire in a bottle!

Excuse me, I appear to be on fire

Excuse me, I'm a fireman.

Excuse me, but could you spray me with water I seem to be burning to death

Excuse me, but won't take gasoline instead?

Excuse me, are you trying to kill me D:

Excuse me, but you are mistaken; I'm only trying to help.
*Pours gasoline on Stai*

Excuse me, but the fire seems to be getting worse. are you sure you know what your doing.

I'm sorry but I can't eat with a man not wearing a shirt. I'll be back with a pile of napkins I've sewn together with string.

Excuse me, but no one has seem to put the fire out and I'm almost dead D:

excuse me, but i fear Big Brother is on to me. If I have not been vapourized, I'll call tomorrow.

Excuse me, but aren't you the guy who put out that greese fire with your face?

Excuse me, aren't you mistaken? I'm the guy who started the fire.

Excuse me, *casts flare*

Excuse me, But I can't go on anymore *dies from the fire*

Excuse me, but I'm an ice fan!

Excuse me, but I'm a Vanilla Ice fan.

Excuse me, no one seems to care that I died D:

Excuse me, I have to dispose of a corpse.

Excuse me,I fucking hate anime fans,so I'll ignore your existence,because I'm kind of an asshole too.

Excuse me, BURNED!

Excuse me, I was burning and you did nothing!

Excuse me, how pissed was I when I asked you on a date!

Excuse me, what's your name again?

Excuse me, but your eyes look like they're valuable. *yoink!*

Excuse me, but there are my rubies!

Excuse me, why are people fighting over my eyes!

Excuse me, I need them! O.o

Excuse me, my eyes aren't for sale D:

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