The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes to retract that statement...

For it to be! *creepy hug*

for me to be creeped out... *is creeped out... in a good way*

For a sweet keyboard!

for a sweat-board...

For things to work 100% of the time.

for things to work at least 20% of the time...

(they usually dont...)

For the luck skill to have a point... >.>

a date with my sister.


For me to date his sister.

to find out that awesome's actually his own sister...

To forget he is speaking from experience with sister when he talks of finding out how awesome sisters can be...

for me to understand what he tried to say...

Secretly wishes to throw something at the wall.

to sleep-walk without falling over stairs

For free books!

To store those books away as food in case of a nuclear apocalypse.

to ride the walrus

To skin that walrus.

bring back slavery, just so she could abolish it again

For less festive things! :D

for a daily festival about the joy of not sleeping!

For us to not be so tired!

for be stronger!

For sense make!

yeah, that!

For a gift! O,..,O

to give and be given

To suck my blood.

Secretly wishes to be sucked on. O_O

A spiffy hat.

@Yureina: O_O SO~~~ its that kinda Christmas! D=

OT: For cider!

for that extra percent of steam...

To do something in the name of the riverdance.

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