The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To install TV into their eyes! >:D

to install the internet into his mind

Secretly wishes to be integrated into the internet.

To be famous and fabulous

little do they know they are xD!

To make a pic showdown!

... It looks like he already got what he wished for, tbh.

What do I do?

@thunder: you write what the person above secretly wishes for ^-^

OT: Secretly wishes to know whats going on >.>

for pancakes

For waffles D:

Secretly wishes to watch me eat waffles. :P

secretly wishes to share them with me...

Secretly wishes for pancakes to share >.>

Secretly wishes for no more french toast.

Secretly wishes for a bagel >.>
(now im hungry, curse you work and your lack of food!)

a bag of bagels and several pieces of bacon.

Wishes piccolo back to life and to be on Namek

For a gold pick!

Secretly wishes to play Minecraft

Secretly wishes to own minecraft.

To buy me Minecraft!

To give me money

To have my money!

To get rid of your money!

To be a bad-ass with a heart of gold! >:3

So true >.>

To become the next captain planet (oh yeah goin old school)

To become a school for the old! ^-^

To become the old school >.>

To make a clone of himself!

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