The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To strip for her brother.

To spend the rest of time in the forum game section of the Escapist.

To do what he said the person above him wishes for with that person.

To become a professional garden gnome.

Make that a lawn ninja and you've got a deal.

OT: To know where the Keebler Elves live.

To be assassinated by a lawn ninja whilst being a garden gnome.

Disguised the garden gnome as a silly bear.

Was in fact the silly bear.

Would cuddle a bear if given the chance.

Wants to be that bear.

Captcha: usicko and <--- Does that mean you're a sicko and *something*? xD

Words cannot express my joy of cuddling.

Captcha: ledglady forms O.o Wut/ XD

Usicko (that's your new nickname) secretly wishes that after that "and" it comes a "you".

Secretly wishes for me to change my username to that.


Would you? For me? ^^

Secretly wants a lying cake that is.

Will secretly bake and send it to me. Secretly.

I would actually.

Will take a picture of aforementioned cake, frame it, and hang it on the wall.

DO IT!!!!!! xD

Secretly wishes for the Deep Crow's knowledge.

How did you know?!? You must secretly have wished to know all my secret wishes, and your wish was granted! :O

For a lazier day!

They wish they had a stylish green hat like their avatar.

OH but I do~ :D

OT: For a sup dog~

To have the DeLorean from Back to the Future... or a tardis. Whichever they prefer.

The DeLorean was made here so I'll take one! :D

OT: For a ghost! :D

A more powerful SOPA.

For his mother to strip for him.

Well I never!

OT: For a fort made of Lego.

For a suit of armor made of LEGO.(which I've wanted to do for years, but I'm to lazy to actually get started)

For a suit of armour made of Lego (sorry I'm too tired and slightly blood deprived to come up with an adequate response)

For a suit of armour made of bones.

For bones made out of armor

To die a death worthy of history books.

To be the person who writes of my many adventures that may or may not have actually happened.

I am a good writer. >.>

Wants me to write about that one time he fought a cookie monster valiantly.

For it to be towel day already.

You can never have enough socks. ^-^

For more socks.

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