The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To make a clone of a rock!

To rock my socks!

To make a rock sock flail

To ruin my rock socks!

To sock my rock D:

To ruin my rock socks!

To post the same thing twice >.>

Dear god a Noming, double post that was ninja'd. D:

OT: To start new things!

I'm such a good ninja I can ninja double posts >:D

OT: to continue old things!

To hit me with new things!

to get dome in the whip and bust cram on your shit...<.<

To be a pro rapper.

A 10 foot cock,erel roasted in sauce, for dinner

Secretly wishes to be roasted in sauce for dinner.

Secretly wishes to know what I taste like
(In order to grant your wish, meat)

To be eaten by her! O.O

Secretly wishes to eat M0rp43vs. :o

Secretly wishes for this thread to go deeper! >:3

Secretly wishes to have big beautiful breasts...<.<

Secretly wishes to give us all horrible images in our heads >.>

@Sac: O.O

Secretly wishes to have a dream within a dream!

He secretly wishes that girls would like him. O.O

Secretly wishes that men will like him...<.<

@eum: But they do... >.>

Secretly wishes to has a funny accent!

Secretly wishes for a cockatrice so he can shout "Look at my cock!" before stoning them

That, or less indecipherable captchas

death by spontaneous combustion.

for kenny's coat

For more pylons

for enough minerals

For more moonstone! O.O

for just enough moonshine!

For more potatoes! O.O

for more testing!

For more hugs!

to administer them!

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