The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes to breathe nothing but LCL fluid.

Secretly wishes for more ammo(your going to run out sometime).

Secretly wishes he could get his hands on my infinite ammo guns.

Secretly wishes to have the endurance to run for that long while shooting infinite bullets.

Secretly wishes for more posts. :o

Secretly wishes to be reset to 0 posts.

Secretly wishes to kill someone with an axe.

Secretly wishes to be my accomplice.

Secretly wishes to take over the world

Secretly wishes for my successful conquest of the entirety of civilisation.

secretly wishes to memorize the periodic table of elements!

Were I still taking a chemistry or physics class, I probably would be.

OT: For world peace... under her rule of course.

For world domination under my rule!

Secretly wishes to disrupt world peace.

Secretly wishes to sell peace.

Secretly wishes for a cell piece...<.<

To colonize Pluto.

Secretly wishes Pluto were still a planet.

Secretly wishes to rename uranus to end that stupid joke once and for all

To be the one to rename it.

Secretly wishes to rename Venus to Vagina.

secretly wishes to live on this ' Venus Vagina'

Wishes to not spare Uranus from any trannies in Bruma.

wishes to watch :P

Wishes to watch also.

Wishes to watch whatever he's watching.

wishes to join in too.

to know everything about rock collecting.

to understand Quantum Entanglement through mathematics.

Wishes to become a map salesperson.

wishes to stalk a map salesperson.

Wishes to become a hat salesperson instead.

Wishes to ruin everything! :D

To make it all better so that he can ruin everything.

Wishes to find a leopard print bikini.

wishes to shoot someone while wearing a leopard print bikini.

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