The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes he were able to divide by zero.

Wishes for the power to absorb people's souls by hugging them
(Imagine if Pyramidheadgrape got that power. *shudder*)

I thought we already had the power. <.<

Not so secretly wishes to hug all of the escapist and absorb all the souls they contain so he can be the only soul hugger.
For there may only be one

Secretly wishes to set his hair on fire.

Secretly wishes to walk around with her eyebrows.

Secretly wishes that Lago was a girl...

Secretly wishes to be a bad mama jama...<.<

Wants to...touch....people's.....heads?

Secretly wasn't to understand the secret to playing the Game.

Secretly wishes for an army of moth-prof sock people.

To not have to be sideways

Another hour in every day where we all have to box the next person we see.

*Boxes in Susse in the Jaw*
Wishes for a ice pack

Seretly wishes I had a better Idea for a post.

Wishes to be more original. :D

To not have to be sideways

I CHOOSE to be sideways.

OT: To have been friends with Genghis Khan.

To be mirrored

Wishes to have snakes for hair.

Wishes to be turned to stone

Wishes for that stupid orange to die already

Wishes to educate that orange.

Wishes to eat that orange.

For the all seeing evil eye.

Wishes for the sweet bod' of a beholder

Secretly wishes to assault someone with a hug.

Secretly wishes to get sick.

Wishes for all their meals to be made by professional chefs.

Wishes for some fish. Specifically Mahi-Mahi.

For a theme song to start every morning with.

For that theme song to be Eye of the Tiger.

Secretly wishes to simply walk into Mordor.

To visit a Hobbit village during their next vacation.

Secretly wishes to waltz into Mordor.

wishes to qwop everywhere

Wishes to bounce to Mordor.

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