The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To have a little spoon... >.>

To have a big spoon >.>

for the two of them to spoon O.O

To throon! ^-^

for that word to exist

To only use words in the dictionary >.>

To throon all night long ;D

To tempt me into doing something I don't even know >.>

to do it anyway ^^^

To be the doubt at the back of my head >.>

to be the bulge in the center of my head...

To make that sound wrong >.>

to hit on me, it seems

D< THAT'S MY JOB!!!! >:D

OT: To be hit on! XD

to do the hitting all by himself

To make me sound worse then I am D:

To be the one who started this thread.

To be a person who posts in this thread >.>

To never post in this thread ever again.

D: I'd be devestated >.>

OT: Secretly wishes to ban me from the thread >.>

the ability to change the radio station by twisting his nipples.

The ability to move his car with his mind O_O

The ability to have the ability!

More money for mind altering rulers.

More money to spend on cake >.>

To find true love!

More money to spend on cake >.>

What kind of cake <.<


A land to call his own.

To challenge me to a drinking game! >:D

Me to get so drunk he can steal my stuff! O.O

For a rematch! XD

For me to rematch him and lose again.

To have the way of the warrior!

Me to think I can outdrink an Irishman.

To believe anything is possible! >:D

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