The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To grow shorter and become his inner self. A MIDGET!

Pfft. You clearly have not understood the awesomeness of Tyrion. <.<

To have a new 2X4.

To obtain the old 4X2.

To conquer every dimension that ever existed EVER.


To conquer my pocket dimension.

To live in a dimension made of butter.

A one way trip to Fiji.

To die on the summit of Mt. Fuji.

To quit two feet away from the summit of Mt. Everest.

To be the first to pilot a submarine in outer space.

To be the head janitor of the first off-planet hotel.

To be a maid.

To be the guy who puts the little chocolates on the pillows.

To be the guy to steal money from under the pillows.

To smell like a rose.

Wants to enter the elevator of the infinitely tall building to see where it ends.

Wants to tap dance where even Lucifer fears to tread.

Wants all humans to get along, and then he wants to ruin it :P

Wants to get jiggy with it.

The worst game ever to be beamed into the minds of his enemies.

The best game to be beamed into the mind of Brad Pitt.

For Brad Pitt to have a mind :P

To break dance on the moon and Mars.

To have lunch on Uranus.

To rename Uranus, so that that terrible joke is never used again by anyone.

There was a joke in there somewhere? o3o

To own a pet Wesker.

To be a wild and violent Wesker.

To do something involving a flamethrower very soon.

To be the designated pyromaniac.


OT: To meet her favorite actor by hitting him with a car.

To be taller then the average anime girl.

To be the prettiest prince in all the land.

To be pretty in pink.

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