The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes for a lifetime supply of fried pancakes.

Wishes for a lifetime supply of deep fried fair food. (Deep fried twinkies, Deep fried candy bars, deep fried BUTTTERRRRR!)

Wishes for....*drumroll* Deep Fried Cool aid...yes they do that.


Oh USAmerica you so crazeh.

Wishes he was American so he could jump on board the Crazy Train.

Will help me in getting the Green Card.

Wishes to be able to change his hair color at any moment without the use of dyes.

Wishes that Para would die...... his hair.

Wishes to know the secret location of the mountain made entirely of cheese.

It's the Himalayas isn't it? D:

Would like to embark on the journey for cheese!

Would like to embark on a ship made of cheese

Will nom cheese for food. <.<

a pony made out of goatcheese and piss

Will drink the Vial of BB Code.

Wishes to play dice with God.

Wishes to play chess with Lucifer.

Wishes to one day replace Lucifer....

wishes to become my Queen! <.<

Wishes that men could be queens...( no remarks about homosexuals needed.) :P

Wishes that the queens were drag queens. >.>

Wishes he had been a member of Queen.

Wishes to start a band called 'The King of Drag Queens'. >_>

Wishes to be the lead singer in that band :D

Wishes for more potatoes in his gravy.

Wishes he could pull off saying 'gravy' when something pleases him :)

Secretly wishes that he could sound like any TF2 character at any time.

Secretly wishes to be a different TF2 character each day.

Secretly wishes to be on Blue team.

To dance like Micheal Jackson.

Secretly wants to 'paint' the Blue Team red. <.<

Wishes to not post at almost the exact same tie as someone else.

Wishes to eliminate ties to every tie. <.<

Wishes he had the moves like jagger.

Steals Jaggars moves and sells them on eBay for 5 dollas.

Wishes to have gotten more than five bucks out of that.

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