The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Ripped me off and sold it to me for 50. ;~;

Wishes to rip Fijiman's head off in retaliation.

Wishes they knew how to find me so that he could do so.

the secret to breeding limp-wristed furries that taste like monkey-assed peanuts

Wishes that I wouldn't start thinking that he's a troll.

Wishes to keep a troll as a pet.

Wishes to troll his pet cat into thinking it's a dog.

Wishes for him to record that for all to see.

Will record it and share it on RedTube.

Wishes to know what the person 100 pages back and 30 post down was wearing at the time they posted.

Wishes to intrigue me enough to make me search for that.

Wishes to always be intrigued by something.

Wants to help with that bit and hire a new producer.

Wishes I knew how to edit sound and video.

Wishes to know the secret to sweets.

To be the sweetest secret known to man.

Will drown me in honey just to see that happen. >_>

The ability to breathe in honey....

The ability to control any type of bee.

To be able to control cockroaches. O3O

Wishes that he has what he is looking at.

Wishes to help me procure the object for a price.

Seeks help for selling it for $2000 or 1528€ (I would love to help).

Secretly wishes for one global currency <.<

Secret woes for the old world order.

Secretly wishes he hadn't destabilised the old world order <.<

Secretly wishes to stabilize the Repeat World Order.

Wishes to derail all efforts to create order, because rules aren't his thing.

Wishes to make all the rules and then break them.

Wishes to put all the rules in a blender and drink 'em.

Wishes to have a glass of that himself.

Wishes to have a Gorilla Warfare Glass.

Wishes to have a chimpanzee battle tactics class.

Wishes to employ snail battle tactics. >.>

Wishes to watch more Baccano! D:<

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