The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes he knew how far Nyan Cat has travelled.

Wishes for a temple to be built in his honor.

Wishes to become a priest of said temple.

Wishes to sweep that temple every Tuesday.

Wishes to raid that temple every other Wednesday.

Wishes to be a tomb raider.

Wishes to be Lara Croft's best friend.

Wishes Lara Croft were not batshit insane.

Wishes for The Clown.

Secretly wishes to be hugged by a large group of people.

Secretly wishes to go sky diving naked...

Secretly wishes to be the pilot.

Secretly wishes to be the guy.

the ability to be that guy who's pretending to be this guy acting as the other guy.

To be Nerf Man.

Secretly wishes to be bonked on the head.

Secretly wishes I had something to drink...

Wishes to know the secret of the perfect pudding.

Secretly wishes to CHAAAAAOOOOOOOS DUNK!

Secretly wishes to be the end of the world.

Secretly wishes to be a fire station pole. hehe xD

Wishes to be a stove.

Wishes to cook pasta on said stove.

Wishes she had a stove to cook cats on(cats are evil).

Wishes I wasn't about to slap him for saying that.

Wishes I had skin to slap, for I am nothing but BONE!

Secretly wishes he could steal someone else's skin.


Secretly wishes to look exactly like their eve online character...<.<

Wishes to have a house made of Legos.

Secretly wishes to be a necromorph.

Wishes for a nice warm cup of cocoa.

Wishes to devour all the trees.

Wishes for to sleep for a week strait.

Wishes to get knocked unconscious to just feel what it is like.

To drink 12 pepsi maxes in one night like wish, you'll pee like a fountain.

Also I like my sleep.

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