The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes I knew what his super power was.

Wishes he could bring all the boys to the yard.

Wishes to be The One.

To have a power so great and terrifying that few even know what it actually is.

Wishes for there to be world peace... so that he can ruin it all.

Secretly wishes to set stuff on fire.

Wishes to post here more often.

scretly wishes for unditectable troll powers

Wishes to taste an actual rainbow instead of only relying on Skittles.

Wishes to stop procrastinating.

Wishes to stop spying on me.

Wishes to be spied on.

Wishes for a yo-yo.

Secretly wishes to have a yo-yo party!

Secretly wishes to have the spiked balls replaced with guns...<.<

Wishes to have spiked guns...

Secretly wishes to become an Awakened Being.

Secretly wishes to ride the cow as it jumps over the moon.

Secretly wishes the cow was actually a rocket.

Secretly wishes for a cow-rocket.

To build the first anger fueled car.

To own(or steal) said car.

a streetcar named billy bob

Wishes for something so incredibly amazing that words fail to properly describe it.

Secretly wishes to be that amazing something.

Secretly wishes they weren't already that amazing something...

For an all girl rock band to kick down his door an play a massive set until next week.

Secretly wishes that band was made up of the entirety of L7 with Kim Gordon and Kim Deal... 1990 era for all of them...<.<


Wishes for a twelve necked guitar, with four being 6-string(different tuning, scooped), one being a twelve-string, one seven string, two being four string bass, one 6 string bass, one 8 string bass, one 12 string bass and a sitar. Coloured hot pink, made by fender and individual tone and volumes for each neck.

captcha: ear candy
Yes, that does sound like ear candy.

Wishes to have the talent to play such an instrument.

Thought that Thai LB stood for Thai Lesbians.

Wishes to not try and derail the thread.(whether intentionally or not)

Secretly wishes to derail other threads.

Secretly wishes to rerail all the threads.

Secretly wishes for a B-2 Stealth Bomber.

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