The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to destroy everything that's sparkly!

Wishes to control all of the stuffing mines.

Wishes to destroy all stuffing mines...

Wishes that the message wouldn't get scrambled.

Wishes for better whiteout.

every Nickleback album

Wishes to murder anthro cats.

Wishes to be king of the Smurfs.

Wishes to flirt with the idea of a butler. >.>

Wishes to flirt with the maids.(which I am not one of)

Wishes to count the licks it takes to get to the Tootsie-center of a Tootsie Pop.

Wishes for the ultimate potato gun.

Wishes to synthesize a tomato gun.

Secretly wishes to be assaulted by furry animals.

Secretly wishes to see That's My Boy. ;p

Secretly wishes that their eyes would stop bleeding after seeing That's My Boy and that it remained unknown that they saw said movie.

To see said movie.

Wishes they were more kawaii.

Wishes they had a plush toy of my avatar...


....damn fish.

Wishes to be the greatest fisherman ever.

Wishes for Dr Susse to be the greatest fisherman ever so he can give me a fish! (how thoughtful of you)

Wishes for fishes with dishes galore. How they can do this... I shall not say more.

Wishes he didn't eat the fish while no one was looking.

Wishes he never crossed the streams.

Wishes he was a real boy...

Wishes to have a real boy in his white panel van...

No no no...that's just you overpuce...

Wishes to understand the carnal desires of monkeys up close and personal.

Of course not...
Wishes to have a pet gorilla...

Secretly wishes to be in a cartoon.

Secretly wishes to be the best cartoonist ever.

Secretly wishes to be a medieval cosmonaut.

Secretly wishes to be the president of pancakes.

Secretly wishes to be King of the Syrup.

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