The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to own the not as secret dungeon next to Para's secret dungeon.

Wishes to sell hot dungeons like hot potatoes.

Wishes to be able to move through walls.

Wishes to move walls with his mind.

She wishes to be chibi size and would ride in someone's backpack.

Wishes to have a pet zombie.

Wishes for mountains of strudel.

Wishes to know how everything works.

Secretly wishes to have everything that works.

Secretly wishes to have a pet cheep cheep named Finklemier.

Wishes to know a cybernetic space-pickle-man-thing named Boris.

Wishes to ask for hot pancakes like a convict.

Wishes to one day own the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wishes to own San Francisco.

wishes for magic powers

Wishes for non-magical powers.

Wishes to be a boring person...

Wishes to improvise with bathroom materials to make a weapon.

Secretly wishes to toss bathroom items at people.

Wishes to be the supplier of said items.

Secretly wishes to be said items...

Secretly wishes that he could stop the world and melt with it.

Wishes to learn how to swim before Sacman melts the world.

Wants to see me down in Arizona Bay.

Wants to see me down and funky.

Wants to listen to some funky beats.

Wants to dance to funky junky beats while eating a banana.

Wishes he wasn't allergic to bananas and dancing so that he could stop living vicariously through others.

He wishes to live vicariously while the whole world dies.

Wishes that the whole world would die while she plays the fiddle ... well.

Wishes that she'd play the piano instead.

Wishes to makes pianos out of bones.

Wishes that pianos made of bones were easier to dust.

wishes to bake a lightbulb

Wishes for some delicious light bulb pie.

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