The person above me secretly wishes for....

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wishes to be a real boy

Wishes to be a real smurf.

Wishes to date a smurfette.

Wishes to catch a smurf and become famous.

Wishes to eat the smurfs (you fiend)


Wishes they have an army of corpuscular radishes.

Wishes to murder those little midgets elves that work for Santa.

Wishes to know where the treasure is buried.

Wishes to make a new hat for you!

Wishes that the world was full of rockets.

a harem of zombie and vampire hookers.

Wishes to use said rockets for evil deeds.

Wishes to climb on board and go to Japan!

Wishes for a good RP to join

Wishes to know everything.

Wishes everything was peanuts.

Wishes everything was purple with the occasional hint of green.

Wishes for liberty and death at the same time.

assisted zombification due to suicide laws.

Secretly wishes for a giant mandolin made out of peppers.

A handsomely dapper a la souvarov.

A piece of Eden...

To live in a mystical land where the air is full of toxic gases and everything is highly radioactive. And it's on fire.

For burgers.

For an even bigger version of the Eiffel Tower.

For an honorable way to kill the trolls of the north.

To travel the realms of Oblivion.

To travel the realms of Nirn.

Wishes to know who stole his hairstyle.

Wishes to invent his own hairstyles.

Wishes to know what is in the box.

Wishes to know how it got burned.

Wishes to set fire to apartment buildings.

Wishes to eat live bees.

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