The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to crush all who oppose him under the heel of his boot. Literally.

Wishes to regain the power!

Wishes that everything would work how it's supposed to and never mess up.

Wishes to destroy all robots...

Wishes to build cheap toy robots at night.

Wishes to use m robots for world domination!

Wishes to see the other side of the galaxy.

Wishes to be born in another universe

Wishes to be the actual Dovahkiin.

Wishes to be able to eat planets!

Wishes to be able to eat suns without getting burned.

Wishes to blot out all the suns...

Wishes for an endless supply of fish to keep his avatar fed.

Wishes for a endless supply of mistletoe. >.>

Wishes for an endless supply of endless supplies.

Wishes for an end to endless supplies. D:

Secretly wishes to be that guy over there.

Wishes to kill the guy over there...

Wishes to see the inside of a black hole.

Wishes for a black hole to be pink.

Wishes to rename all of the elements.

Wishes to rename all the elements according to the lyrics of Yellow Submarine.

Wishes to own that submarine.

Wishes to send a torpedo his way

Wishes to ride that torpedo into space.

Secretly wishes to conquer the galaxy with that torpedo!

Wishes to join the intergalactic crusade!

Wishes to start a rebellion.

Wishes to crush the rebellion before it begins.

Wishes to quash all opposition to his regime.

Wishes to start a regime and bribe all the officials with cake.

Wishes for the cake to revolt against the system!

Wishes for the system to revolt against itself and a local restaurant.

Wishes to kiss Robert Pattinson.

Apparently wishes for eternal doom to bestow upon Fijiman.

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