The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes to give huggles

Secretly wishes for a denim jacket.

Secretly wishes for a leather jacket

Secretly wishes for leather denim <.<

Secretly wishes to party with Bill Murray, with Seth Rogen doing his laugh in the background, while a monkey is doing a guitar solo with Buckethead, and an Ice Cream bar is in the corner.

Secretly wishes for less complicated wishes >.>

Secretly wishes for a harem of robot nurses to ignore.

Secretly wishes for eternal happiness.

Secretly wishes for never ending soda.

Secretly wishes for more packages!

Secretly wishes for secret wishes.

secretly wishes to rule the web (dont worry, I have a plan in motions, as you will see)

Secretly wishes to have a child to call his own

to call me daddy and for me to take him to ball-games and buy him ice-cream O.O

For a bigger cardboard box to live in

for lower rent on boxes!

For a better avatar :P

To take that back! :3

To take on the world!

To buy me a gift!

To sell the gift I buy you D:

To re-gift want I sell you!

For me to sell it back to you and create a cycle where you steal my money D:

For dancing about it!

For beating around the bush!!

to insult me and my avatar!

To continue this thread mix up! >.<

Sorry Yureina! I'll be good!

not to pay with his blood!

To pay with some other guys blood! O_O

to know that by other guy, it means YOU!

To let me get a head start at escaping! :3

to escape before his head-start of one 1/2 second is over

That I would secretly be in waiting for grape and ambush him as he runs by

Secretly wishes to have glowing eyes IRL!

Secretly wishes to have a house slave...

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