The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to suck bone marrow out of his own body.

Wishes to suck on a lollipop to cause discomfort some people. >.>

Wishes to have a pop of arm so that he can freak people out.

Wishes to have a giant crocodile to ride into battle

Wishes to ride a steed into battle.

Wishes to have necks to snog on suck the precious blood out

Wishes to bathe in a mountain of tacos.

Wishes to reveal the location of the secret treasure of the Templars to me.
<_< >_>

Wishes to have dentures instead of actual teeth.

More chances to scheme.

More schemes starting with the letter Z.

More Plan Zs.

To be fair with all the letters and come up with plans corresponding to the letter!

Burn all the important letters!

To burn everything.

Wishes for ET to get an HD re-release

For a blackout so they can finally get out of the never ending Wikipedia loop.

Wishes to be the man who walked a 1000 miles to fall down at your down.

Wishes to fall from the Eiffel Tower with nothing more than a spoon.

Wishes to be that spoon.

Wishes to use a blunt kitchen knife to kill zombies

Wishes to be a zombie.

For a twenty minute love song in his honour.

To get to the next toilet!

To stop being reminded about their bodily functions. *BLINK*

To adopt my little brother.

To exchange his little brother for mine.

You fiend.

To find that his soul mate was an elephant all along.

To install the motorway with all the toilets!

To install mega viruses on all the computers.

To control skynet!?

To rain down destruction upon all those who dare disobey him.

Wishes to be in Hogwarts, segregating kids based on their usefulness level

Wishes for the ultimate zombie fighting weapon; a flounder.

Wishes for a talking flounder weapon of Doom.

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