The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes their avatar was a dog.

Wishes to have an avatar of a dead corpse.

Wishes to make a more redundant statement next post.

Wishes for a trip to Fiji.

Wishes the hat would stop whispering evil things.

Wishes to be the least practical.

Wishes to more MORE than a Nobel Laureate

Wishes to be a The Terminator.

Wishes for a fancy hat.

For the ending of Cowboy Bebop to be changed to just ten minutes of Nyan cat.

For Crash Bandicoot to be in Playstation All-Stars.

3 pairs of socks and a DVD.

For a nice beach tan.

Wishes for giant spiders.

Wishes for giant spiders with mana bars.

For a fountain of watermelon juice.

The fountain of bacon.

He just wishes to roll over and rest.

Secretly wishes for Death by Snoo Snoo...<.<

Wishes for a bag of rocks.

Wishes for his future self to give him plans for a time machine

Wishes to be a burrito instead.

Wishes to make a tutorial on making the perfect burrito.

Wishes to be bald but have a braided blonde beard.

Wishes to be more practical for Taco...

Wishes for the ability to command turnips.

Secretly wishes to be the Onion Lord.

Oh so deep down inside he wishes to take his helmet off.

Secretly wishes for Death by Snoo Snoo...<.<

Did you investigate me or something?
Because that would most definitely qualify as my worst nightmare.
Seriously, I get scared with hugs...

Wishes to fight me. Winner decides the fate of the helmet.

Wishes someone would steal it so he could make a new one without feeling like he's two timing the first.

Wishes to be the one to steal it!

Wishes to sell the helmet in the black market

Wishes to devour his own head.

Wishes to rule the world from a sideways position

Wishes to rule the world with a spoon.

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