The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes for an ever-flaming hat.

Wishes for a giant buster sword to swing around and scare the peasants with

Wishes for a sword which asks for money on impact.

Wishes for a new season of Samurai Champloo.

Wishes for an avatar as awesome as that guys.

Wishes to wear several hats at once.
I'm absolutely certain that's the deepest wish of every single human being.

Wishes for balloons to talk for just one day.

Wishes for all inanimate objects to talk just for one day a year.

Wishes for the ability to make the world silent whenever he chooses

Wishes to make a AAA game based on tacos.

Wishes to make a country based on silly hats.

Wishes to write a national anthem just for hats.

Wishes to make sense at least 50% of the time

Baby steps though, baby steps

To own the moon.

To start a night club on the Moon.

The dark side of the moon. <.<

To be the bartender of that club.

To run the club!

Wishes to be stricken off the record for the fear of recognition by fangirls

Wishes to have a dangerous number of fangirls.

Wishes to have a fangirl army under his command.

Wishes to have the best servant ever.

Wishes to be that servant!

Wishes to be a peasant and serve under King Taco

Wishes to play the best game ever.

Wishes to be on the creative consulting team for the best game ever

Wishes to be a star.and I mean the giant flaming farts in the sky

Wishes for his country to be renamed an innapropiate word like Bungholeistan

Wishes to look up dirty words in the dictionary!

Secretly wishes to invent something so deviously devious that the world will tremble at his feet.

Secretly desires to label all morphine bottles as vitamin juice.

Secretly wishes to put alka seltzer in a birdbath.

Secretly wishes to buy a copy of Black Ops II so he can burn it

Secretly wishes to provide me with a copy of Black Ops 2 for free.

Secretly wishes to have me give him a copy of a copy of Black Ops II

Secretly wishes to have a copy of a copy of the copy of Copy The Game.

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