The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to to be to creepiest person on earth.

Wishes he weren't

I'm not that creepy, unless I want to be.

OT: Wishes for endless pie.

Captcha: live long + prosper

Wishes he was in the Matrix

Wishes to know everyone currently living.

Money, Fame, Women.

Wishes for spider powers.

Wishes for spider powers.

Kinda do >.>

OT: And also glass.

Secretly wishes to be their avatar.

Secretly wishes he was my avatar

Secretly wishes to be Sail Awesome, the coolest sail ever.

Here's a picture.

Secretly wishes to be able to jump out of windows when awkward things happen and never be injured.

Wishes to make awkward things happen

Wishes to streak without being arrested. Or run over.

Secretly wishes to join him.

Secretly wishes to kill them all!

Secretly wishes to be a dog instead of a cat

Wishes to be right side up!

Wishes for world peace through kittens.

Wishes he was a Pokemon.

Wishes they could get rid of their hat.

Wishes to be part of a flash mob.

Wishes he could be a football.

Wishes to be kicked like a football...

Wishes he wasn't so blue

Wishes to be the prettiest girl ever.

Wishes to be right-side up after years of being sideways.

To swim and sleep like a shark.

Wishes to be a dog.
Wishes to actually be a doctor.

Wishes to be The Doctor.

Due to a gardening accident wishes for a doctor.

Wishes he never did acid

Wishes to be a mouse with a motorcycle.

For the door to release.

To know what is behind the door.

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