The person above me secretly wishes for....

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For it to be another door.

To be Satan's child.

To, for once, have a helpful Lagomorph.

For a flashy avatar.

Wishes to have the flashiest avatar possible.

Secretly wishes that mine wasn;t the flashiest already...<.<

Wish that were true.

Secretly wishes to make stuff go boom.

Secretly wishes to make people's faces implode.

Wishes to control peoples' hands and make them face palm themselves.

Wishes to control peoples' desks and make them facedesk themselves.

Secretly wishes to do some whacky experiment. :o

Secretly wishes to be like Igor.

Wishes to be all of Frankenstein's Monsters.

Wishes to be the bride of the monster!

Wishes to share his secrets to the world though an encrypted code.

wishes to spend the rest of his life decoding said code

Wishes to be loved for decoding things...

Wishes to shoot the breeze.

wishes for a 90 degree turn in his life.

For incredibly large amounts of fresh fish.

For the end of the age of something.

to be first on all internet post in the next era

To beat the crap out of a demon.

To become a demon!

Wishes to be the next invisible man.

For a real life League of Gentlemen.

To be the leader of said group!

To be the cunning Tsar who plots my downfall.

Wishes to be Santa.

Wishes to usurp Santa and deliver nothing to the children!

Secretly wishes to be an angry midget and get paid just for being one.

Secretly wishes he wasn't sideways.

the person above me wishes that Christmas was called Gabemass

Wishes that Hal-Life 3 would be worth the wait.(let's face it, if they ever release it it's never going to met expectations)

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