The person above me secretly wishes for....

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For more cowbell.

For a pet headcrab.

To be off the record for once.

For a toaster made of toast.

Knows all toasters toast toast!

Secretly wishes to be huggled

Wishes to win the war without the battle.

Captcha: "live. love. internet." Awesomeness.

Secretly wishes the world ended in 2012

Wishes for the world to end because of her actions.

Wishes to seek out the wisest person on Earth and punch that person in the face.

Wishes to be the wisest person on Earth so they can sue the person who punched them in the face.

To make clams the dominant species on earth.

To become the leader of the clams!

To become the overlord of the trout.

To become overlord over all sentient matter


To have a ROFLcopter.

To swing from the lampshade of a posh hotel.

Wishes to make more people laugh because of their avatar change.

Wishes to change their avatar but is too lazy!

Yeah, that is true.

Wishes to see the world from the seat of a tank.

To be left alone to plot.

Wishes to see what I'm doing behind that mask.

Wishes to have a real face.

Wishes to look like their avatar.

Wishes he wasn't his avatar.

Wishes to know what ants know.

Wishes to have a cat that fires lasers.

Dammit Collins. Erm... Like all people not from Yorkshire, he wishes to be a Yorkshireman

To have their own TV show.

Wishes they could remove their helmet.

Wishes they could remove their own head and use it for bowling.

Wishes to own a bowling alley full of heads!

Wishes to play volleyball with a large spider instead of a ball.

Wishes to raise lot's of spiders for volleyball!

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