The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to have an army of giant apes to invade a mid-sized city

Wishes to have an army of mid-sized cities to invade giant apes.

Secretly wishes to nom on someone.

Captcha: Winter is coming. OSHIT o_o

Wishes to nom on something delicious.

Wishes everyone's avatar was tilted.

To catch........and then sell them all.

Wishes everyone's avatar was tilted.

You know you want to.

OT: Wishes for the world's biggest hotdog.

Wishes all life was horizontal.

For his kin to have a better track record against a certain Time Lord.

For the PS4 to have retro-compatibility to both PS2 and PS3.

Wishes to be the best gamer ever.

A life-size statue of Willem Dafoe

For the world to be a more silly place.

For the world to be like a PS2 game.

For owls made of cornbread.

For cornbread made of owls

For a book that you can't put down.

To be the one to put super glue on that book.

To be the one to sell him that glue

To go to Rosings and place his schlong inside the fireplace worth 800 pounds

To have a pet potato named Steven.

Secretly wishes to have a potato for dinner.

For a dinner that no man could ever finish.

To crawl on walls like a spider.

For the next Spider-Man movie to come out sooner.

For Lincoln to have deflected the bullet with his hat.

For Japan to keep mass-producing the PS2.

To have a hat made out of PS2s.

To have a body suit made out of old PS2's!

To have an island made out of old PS2s.

For more people to play this forum game with.

To never double post.

For his protege Joffrey to have his balls drop

To contain less salsa

Secretly wishes to kill someone we all know.

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