The person above me secretly wishes for....

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wishes to turn taco into a real boy

Wishes to rip-off the plot of Pinocchio

For people to truly understand what it means to be Zombie bait.

Wishes to be something else that just a something, indeed.

Wishes to be 50% fancier.

Wishes to be more crass

Wishes for someone new to this whole thing to post. Or possibly to possess a stylish hat collection.

Wishes to catch the fish in his bear mouth

Wishes to finally be able to admit that he loves goldfish.

To light a cigar with some priceless art.

Secretly wishes to light some piece of priceless art on fire.

Wishes to be in the Animaniacs.

Wishes for a huge chocolate parfait.

Wishes to have a crepe.

Wishes to have a crate.

Wishes crates didn't exist in Team Fortress 2.

For Google to have an drunken rambling language setting.

Secretly wishes for a bag of mystery.

For the downfall of the Belgian economy.

For Atlantis to rise again.

Wishes to live in a windmill.

Wishes to be slightly taller.

For the glorious British Empire to take back the colonies

For Nacos.

To be a real Pokemon.

To be Ash Ketchum irl.

To be one of Ash's traveling companions irl.

To be nurse Joy

To be James.

To be Brock.

To be Trainer No. 451

A Doritos Taco, which can only be found at Taco Bell!

For a new poking stick because his old one is getting a bit dull.

A new avatar for the 2013 season

To keep one avatar and one avatar alone.

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