The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To make a house out of plungers.

Wishes to live in SOVIET RUSSIA!

Wishes to live in Communist China.

Wishes to live in a universe on its side.

Wishes to live alone in peace.

Wishes they were granted 3 wishes each to be used on 3 wishes...

Wishes for pudding shaped waffles.

Wishes for a gravity controlling device.

Wishes that life as we know it would come to an a fun way

Wishes to troll the US government.

Wishes he had a Klondike Bar.

For a sweet hat.

For that killer Zapdos there.

For a working Pokeball.

To beat the bastards of city hall.

A pint of butter.


or is that just me...?

For me to be here more often. o.o

To be more active in the forum games like he used to be.

Wishing for someone else's enjoyment.

That more people put pepper in their beer.

For pepper spray.

For a giant toucan to give him bananas

To be elected for something incredibly important.

To be a gigantic octopus.

To live in the garden of said octopus.

Secretly wishes for their own pet octopus.

Wishes for a smoothie.

Wants a fresh nice cold glass of water.

Something else to do on a Saturday night.

For non-stop happy days.

To have a statue made in his honor.

To be a real human!

To be real.

To be fake.

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