The person above me secretly wishes for....

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He secretly wishes to win..

Wait, he just did. Damn, I'm not very good at this game =/

To be the MVP of this game.

To be a train.

To be as strong as a train.

A pack of sticks.

Secretly wishes to hug someone.

Secretly wishes to hug everyone.

Secretly wishes to give me a hug.

To literally have the body of a god.

Secretly wishes they were Hercules in a past life.

To be someone I know in real life. (D-: for me.)

To meet everyone on the Escapist(except spambots) in real life.

To be facing the other way.

To also be sideways like Fijiman.

To be upside down.

To be right side up.
I've been considering having an upside down avatar.

To have a higher contrast avatar so the rest of us can tell what the hell it is.

To have me remember his old avatar.

To eat a spoon.

To be able to digest metal.

To mentally digest magazines.

To devour all the magazines he comes across.

To reverse that action.

For video tapes to make a comeback.

For disco to make a comeback.

To be Lord of the Dance.

For all the cameras in the world to take pictures sideways.

For it to be the 1800's.

For it to be medieval times

For it to always be noon.

For the sky to fall and Henny Penny to be made king.

For a band of rouges to completely past by him while robbing everyone else around him.

To find and kill Wally.

To learn the secrets of hiding in plain sight from Wally and his cousin Waldo.

For Waldo and Carmen Santiago to have a baby that can never be found.

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