The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To be a real human.

More JRPG's in the world.

For at least 5 more direct sequels to Final Fantasy XIII

More energy drinks to stay hyper

Secretly cross-clone Bruce Springstein and Santa Claus.

Wants to be the cross clone of Bruce Springstein and Santa Claus!

Wants to be a real human!

Wishes to know something no one else knows.

Killed the President of Uzbekistan and is masquerading as him.

Secretly wishes to blow up the moon.

Wishes to rule the moon.

To praise the sun, of course!

To beat the crap out of a famous person while they're being interviewed.

To control gravity! :-D

That more people would post in the less popular forum games.

For more forum games casts.

Secretly wishes Witch would go on a tour in Australia...

@Sac: So very badly man.

OT:For a grunge comeback.

To get another Medieval game...<.<

@Susse: Heh, yeah, too bad J ignores his side projects so much... never even thought about playing anything from Heavy Blanket even... -3-

For it to rain pie.

To play Dark Souls in real life.

For endless purple streams of gum.

To own his own game studio.

For spoiler tags.

More bloody spoiler tags.

To be able to apply spoiler tags to real life.

Secretly wishes to read what people put in real life spoiler tags.

Secretly wishes to hang out with us more often.

To play in the greatest Russian folk band in the land.

To hear a true Russian folk band!

A box of cigars.

A box of Pokemon.

A helm or armor made of chainmail.

For chainmail underwear.

Secretly wishes to buy chainmail underwear.

Already has a chainmail bikini.

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