The person above me secretly wishes for....

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A pet duck.

A pet dragon.

Secretly wishes to post in this thread more with his pet dragon.

Secretly wishes to get the Deus Ex secret ending...<.<

Secretly wishes to be a part of the Deus Ex secret ending.

Secretly wishes that her computer can run the new Deus Ex...<.<

Secretly wishes that they had asked for this.

Secretly wished that he could play Deus Ex on his machine.

Secretly wishes to give me a top of the line gaming computer without wanting anything in return.

Secretly wishes to get an awesome gaming rig from me.

Wishes to get one for me first.

For a new angle.

For a new dance routine.

To be in the next big viral video.

To be in the next Escapist viral video.

To do a spit.

More ^, < and less V

Secretly wishes to make more sense.

@Rei: More than anything.

OT: For the original Evangelion ending to be less artsy.

Secretly wishes that the ending of the movie meant anything as well...<.<

Wishes to eat the world's largest waffle.

Secretly wishes to make the world's largest waffle.

Doesn't mind eating the world's largest waffle.

Has the words to make anybody fall in love with dubstep but refuses to use this power.
User was banned for: Why Sony is this generations black plague. (Permanent)

Secretly wishes to not be banned.

Secretly wishes to unban everyone.

To spend a month in a rock and roll band playing the acordian.

Wishes to be the world's greatest accordion player.

Wishes to be the world's greatest tap dancer

Secretly wishes to star in a movie.

Secretly wishes to be a unicorn.

Secretly wishes to have a charming personality

To go crazy mad with power.

Wishes to be insanely sane.

Wishes, despite all of his brawl, that he was a mage.

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