The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes I had the ability to actually design and build him such a machine!

Secretly wishes to take over a large country.

Secretly wishes to be transported back to Medieval Times and become a knight.

Secretly wishes to live in the world of Game of Thrones.

As an innocent villager.

To be miscellaneous guy who gets shot #2 in a video game.

To be the leading antagonist in a popular videogame.

To be a very popular protagonist in a very obscure game. <.<

To be the snarky love interest in aforementioned game.

To be snarky and greatly loved for being so.

To be the moe shy girl in all the things.

To be a real bat.

To run around the Earth in eighty days.

To swim to the deepest depths of the ocean wearing only a feathered headdress.

Secretly wishes to make feathered headresses for everyone.

Secretly wishes to be the Man on the Moon.

ot: To have been able to go to an REM concert.

To wear underwear on their head in pubic without it being viewed as weird.

To be a fashion designer.

To be the next Skeleton Top Model! New season starting next month!

For flying monkeys.

For flying monkeys on fire.

To join a King Crimson Cover band called The Red Prince.

To be able to play The Prince by Diamondhead whenever he feels like it.

Secretly wishes to have the cutest avatar ever.

To be able to see someone else's future.

To grow into the terrifying helmet man!

That ZP would be on every day!

Secretly wishes ponies were real...

For less static.

Secretly wishes to reference a different piece of classic sci fi literature...<.<

True, I always go for Count Zero first. Then Neuromancer. If that fails Wintermute.

Wishes to write the next great sci-fi novel

Oh, but they are real! Just not THOSE ones...

OT: Wishes they had a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven.

Secretly wishes that they weren;t so hot that they'd cause spontaneous combustion...

To have better flirting one-liners.

Secretly wishes that they weren't right...

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