The person above me secretly wishes for....

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To run a team of elves.

To be run over by elves

To marry an elven hermaphrodite.

To create an elven hermaphrodite

To have just a few more caps.

To bust a cap in his neighbor's dogs.

I'm pretty sure that they want to bust a cap in my dogs XD

To throw a brick at their neighbor's house

To shit bricks at their neighbours house's general direction.

To urinate upon their porch.

To be the one that knocks.

To be the one that runs away, leaving Troublesome Lagomorph to get in trouble.

To build a secret base on all the moons.

For 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

To marry Lydia from Skyrim irl.

To be a turtleborn

For sleepy Sundays to be made illegal.

For the weekends to be destroyed for good

To find a nugget of gold the size of an SUV.

to find a sliver spoon

To find not so true love.

Their shoes to be returned.

To return the shoes they found

To lose their shoes.

To lose their marbles and fly to the dark side of the moon.

To go on a vacation no one else has been on.

To blow up the moon.

To make the perfect ice cream cake.

To steal that cake and share it with me. Please?

To eat MY cake.

To have a bite out of my pie.

A mop call Edwardo.

To know how to spell Spanish words.

To know how to speak spanish

To know more Spanish than is taught by Dora the Explorer.

To murder Dora the Explorer.

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