The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Eye flavoured pie.

Pie favoured eyes.

A new pair of eyes.

A new pair of pies.

A rhyming dictionary.

A metric ton of soap.

A collapseable tophat.

Two tophats.

Shoe hats.

spiked cleats

An overdoes of cuteness.

To join the phenomenal hand-clap band.

To join Dr. Fünke's 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution.

To join any band that will take him.

To find the motherload of crappy games.

To find the crappyload of mother games.

A secret identity.

The ability to create copies of himself.

The ability to create copies of other people.

To be able to just run the photocopier all day for a job.

To ride his bike with no handlebars.

To be a famous rapper.

To be said rapper's manager and therefore make more money than them in the first place.

To not be a crab rapper.

To be an underwater sensation!

To run around in public screaming "WHEEEEEE!" without looking weird.

To join me running around in public screaming "WHEEEEEE!"

For everyone to join in on the "WHEEEEEE!"

To stop people running around shouting "WHEEEEEE!"


For people to all have a power. What is that power you ask? I don't know man.

To have a bigger avatar.

To have a smaller avatar

To have a less amusing avatar, but only slightly so.

A new helmet

Me to come to their house and dance for them.

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