Yo momma just married the last enemy you killed in a game.

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Starscream from transformers.
My new dad is a robot, and a plane How awesome is that!

My new dad is Mid-Boss...oh this'll be interesting...

My mother may be blonde, but she won't marry a Deathclaw.

Damn, i should have killed that FROG soldier in MGS4 instead of just stunning her.

I has just playing Fallout New Vegas and killed Sunny Smiles by accident. Then I reloaded my last save. But I guess it still counts.

Weird. Really, REALLY, weird.

The Iron Imprisoner II from Kingdom Hearts: BBS.

Fuck, I hated that guy, things aren't gonna go so well.

An Imperial guard soldier? That's so.. boring.

Then it's... what, Caesare Borgia? Well that's... Great. Just great. I mean, I know my mum would, unfortunately, and The Prince does sell him a bit but still...
I don't want his sister moving into our spare room and sleeping with him. The only upside would be help with my Italian.

A spider from Minecraft? Just gotta make sure I only see him during the day, I guess.

"Thatssss a nice mother you have..... It'd be a ssssssshame if ssssssssomething happened to her....

That's right. a creeper. DAMMIT!!!!!!

Harbinger of Woe, a demonic Super Villain from Champions Online. Holy smoke, am I glad I don't live with them.

My new dad, is a dead person. In shorts?

What game is that?

Wait...it's legal to marry a Tiger tank?? D:

My stepdad is a Baballoon from Losy Odyssey?
Well, things are going to be awkward in the bedroom...

I indirectly caused the death of Alexander from Amnesia: The Dark Descent . . . a naked floating old guy, Mom? REALLY?

A zombie?

Too strict, he'd bite my head off at the slightest thing.

A creeper...How am I supposed to watch porn if I can't hear him coming?

That'sSsSs a very nice porn collection you have there....

My new daddy is Payne. This could end up weird....

My new father is a Creeper. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSShit!

My dad's been C'Thun for about five years now

Well, the Spy would probably make a pretty cool stepfather and my mother could totally use a gentleman who would be able to take her on a lovely trip to Paris.

My father is Sovereign. :'(

I could get into the family business, I guess.

I'm not sure if marying a pack of barbarians from Civilization V is legal...

This thread doesn't belong in gaming discussion. It's not really discussing gaming, or even really, discussing games. Its just stupid off topic nonsense talk... Seriously threads like this are just another sign of this forum going to hell in a handbasket, but if we must have these retarded things can we at least keep them in the cesspool that is the Off Topic?

So my new step dad is a zombie from Dead Island.
Better than her current boyfriend so win!

"But Mom I don't want to worship the Dark Gods!"
I last killed a Chaos Spacemarine.

I have no idea what my Mom could possibly see as positive in an Eater of Souls from Terraria, but if it isn't tearing her head off than I guess it must have really turned over a new leaf then.

Anyway might be cool to have a murderous flying killing machine as a step-dad.

My new step-father is a tribesman from Hollow Earth Expedition. Great. He's a hostile guy who throws his spear at anyone he doesn't like. Which is everyone.

My new father is a goomba that I tossed into a black hole. This will be an interesting family dynamic...

The last enemy I beat was a giant, slightly ruined, and very angry teddie bear. I quite literally beat the stuffing out of it. I'm kinda scared of my new father though, since I don't have a practically unkillable persona to protect me...

The enemy I killed before that was a giant, multi-coloured pole dancer, with pigtails, and something that almost looked like a weird sattelite dish for a face. That would be even weirder than the homicidal teddie bear.

My new dad will be the human reaper...

Shit, now I got a Belltower merc for a step-dad. Damn you OP, damn you.

Actually, that'd be pretty sweet, 'cos I'd be able to tell anyone who pissed me off to get stuffed or I'll sick my step-dad on you. With his kick ass augs and shit. Yeah.

Wow, the Human-Reaper larva from Mass Effect 2...

I hope he gets that vomiting problem sorted out before the wedding. And that thing where it waves its...ah...TAIL around...Still, it's probably good at peek-a-boo.

I just beat Persona 4 and got the true ending, so my "dad" is now Izanami-no-okami? I have an undead goddess as a 'father'? And what does that mean for the rest of the world!? Does Ameno-Kunino return? Is my mom now bi-curious? What does it mean!?

My new dad is Mid-Boss...oh this'll be interesting...

I thought it was "last enemy killed", not "last enemy humiliated."

Oh Christ...

My new dad is a metro cop...

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