Two words

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Bad luck.

(Guess I'll get in on this too)

Luck schmuck.

Schmuck face

Face bonk.

Bonk book!

Book fire!

Fire crits!

Crits randomized.

Randomized numbers.

Numbers lol

LOL snipe'd! ;3

Snipe'd Snape.

Snape what?

What happens?

Happens all...

All in!

In my...

My pants!

Pants off!

Off roading!

Off with.

Roading jelly.

(I have no idea how to make that a known phrase... so you can have this word instead.)

Jelly jelly.

There. Use that. I hate you all.

Jelly roll! :3

Roll up!

Up it.

It is!

Is it?

It isn't... V.V

Isn't it? XD

It repeats!

Repeats it! X3

It stops.

stops it. >.>

(seriously, this is me stopping it :3)

It it.

I'm weak. I can't go to bed when I get a message to read >.<

pyramid head grape:
seriously, this is me stopping it :3


The game can progress.


It mine?

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