Two words

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Austin Powers.

Austin Powers
(I won that, and you know it Dango!)

Powers drained.

Page ninja'd! :3

Drained energy.

Energy Infinite.

Inifite cheese

Cheese Steak

Steak done.

Done eating!

Oof, Thanksgiving suppers :O

Eating turkey.

Turkey dinner.

Dinner, T.V.

T.V. is a word!? X3

OT: T.V. broken!

Broken ribs.

Ribs barbecued.

Barbeced... no i got nothing

Nothing more.

More sleep!

Sleep less

Less Steam! D:<

Steam Boat.

Boat race.

(double post, my mistake)

Race Car

Car Park.



OT: Boom stick?

Stick insects.

insects crawl

Crawl or...

Or else!

That's a horrible word to start with. OTL xD

Else where

Where to?

To battle!

Battle me!

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