Two words

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inventory report

Report abuse.

Abuse beaten.
Abuse being the game ported from linux and windows to mac by Bungie in the 90's. You can actually get it for free on Desura.

Beaten Mot

Mot pot.
That game is hard as balls.

Pot stirring.
Just be glad you're not doing a low level challenge. Dat Beast Eye spam...

Stirring speech.
I sure am glad about that.

Speech impediment.

Impediment therapy

Therapy fun.

Fun time

Time stop

Stop posting

Posting now.

Now then.

Then here.

Here for

For Shooting

Shooting rebels

Rebels rebel.

Rebel girl

Girl guide.

Guide dog.

Dog ride

Ride away.

Away from

From here.

From her.

Her voice

Voice muffled.

Muffled cry

Cry harder

Harder, better..

better, faster...

faster stronger

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