Two words

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Work break.

Break Bad.

Bad guy.

Guy Fire

fire toasters

Toasters broken.

broken zucchini

zucchini sandwich

sandwich muffin

Muffin cake.
Go ahead, call your significant other that. You know they'll approve.

Cake Face.
Don't call your significant other that, they won't approve :P.

Face off

Off railed.

Railed behind

Behind cover.

Cover up.

Up theirs

Theirs alone.

Alone again

Again: no.

no sanctuary

Sanctuary hidden.

Hidden grove

Grove green

Green economics

economics pancake

Pancake genocide.

genocide awareness

Awareness unfairness.

Unfairness Legal

legal monotony

Monotony tires.

Tires punctured.
Yay for homophones!

Punctured ballons

Balloons popped.

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