Two words

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Grandpa farmer.

Farmer McDaddy

McDaddy Slavianka.

Slavianka dziewczynka

Dziewczynka flamingo.

Flamingo theme

Theme pork.

Pork master

Master Blaster

Blaster fort.

Fort Defense

Defence Fence

Fence Farce

Farce forks.

forks fjords

Fjords useless.

Useless games

Games oftheyear

Oftheyear spooked.

Spooked Cat

Cat bobbin.


Bobbin Subbin'

Subbin' U.S.A.

U.S.A. cramp.

cramp pains

Pains chocolate.

Chocolate rain.

Rain Dance

Dance poker.

Poker fraud

Fraud Aficionado

Aficionado beans.

Beans busted

Busted monkey.

Monkey Island

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