Two words

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Time wasting.

Wasting breath.

Test plan.

Plan failed.

Failed connection.

Connection lost....

Lost hope.

Hope not.

Not butter!

Not found!

@pyramid: You were ninja'd, so I'm taking AwkwardTurtle's word.

Butter friendly

Friendly fire.

Fire bomb.

Bomb rush.

Hour five.

Five thirty

thirty four

four-ty two

Human element

Element zero.

zero pie

Pie crust

Crust remains.

Remains unsearched.

Unsearched (IT'S NOT EVEN A WORD!!! :S:S:S:S) cakes.

Baked goods

Goods vendor.

Supply Base.

base, blu!

BLU agent.

Agent Orange.

Orange flame.

Flame alchemist.

Equipment procedures

Procedures meeting.

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