Two words

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Fishy situations.

Situations Room.

Room six


Six bottles.

Bottles broken.

Broken Bow.

Bow breaker.

breaker boulder

City Transport

transport bus

Bus ticket.

ticket booth

Booth Guard.

Guard tower.

Tower Sigil.

Sigil sealed.

Fate dies!

Dies Now!

Now run!

Run home!

Home welcome.

Welcome aboard.

Aboard ships

Ships sailing.

Sailing trip.

trip over

Over encumbered.

Encumbered funds.

Funds depleted. T~T

Depleted Uranium

Uranium decay.

Decay constant.

Constant annoyance.

Annoyance removal.
capcha: oh wait
DERP! I would forget to imput the capha!
new capcha: oh, you
Oh me indeed!

Removal cream

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