Two words

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Annoyance removal.
capcha: oh wait
DERP! I would forget to imput the capha!
new capcha: oh, you
Oh me indeed!

Removal cream

cake conspiracy

Theory Fail

Fall down.

Down river.

Boat race

Race car

Race Lost.

Lost Pepsi.

Pepsi Max.

Payne Nation.

Nation ruined!

Ruined life.

Life kit! :D

Kit Kat.

Kat fight! :D

Fight club.

Club scene.

Scene Remembrance.

Remembrance rock.

Rock Star.

Star light.

Light lunch.

Lunch Time.

Time Warp

Warp factor!

Factor quadratic.

quadratic equations

Equations variable.

Variable experiment.

Experiment zero.

Zero chance

Chance predictions.

wrong turn

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