King of the hill

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Tell her that theres a party in her honour at my house. For no reason in particular, hire assassins to Butcher shanaar.

Got to party with high paid assassins and a pink pony and capture a hill. Sweet

I remember two threads that are effectively King of the hill threads.

Therefore I claim this hill out of seniority!


Buyout the assassins to take out M0rp43vs instead.

Ooh a nice house on my hill.

(Un)Fortunately, none of us decided to feed the assassins who starve to death before getting to killing me and backstabbing you.

I toss you a fluttershy plush, no strings attached. It talks when you squeeze the paw.

I take over the hill while you roll around in giddy excitement

(This thread is significantly more pony than most of the others I've been to)

My Hill

Yay, now where is Luna?

Comes back with a Luna plushy and gives you a plate of muffins

Walks on to the hill with a Fluttershy and Luna plushy, while you fall a sleep having eaten all the muffins.

(It is just a great show and they can be used for almost anything now a days.)

(Oh, I know that. I'm just saying compared to most of the threads here, it seems to have a higher pony count than most is all)

I wait till you fall asleep and I push the hill from under you into a new location

Mah hill

(I don't mind it at all. There is even a ponies category for groups)

Uses this song to distracted you and takes back the hill

(Sorry I'm being unclear again. I'm notorious for doing that. It's just that here, in this "king of the hill" thread, there seems to be a higher concentration of pony posts compared to the rest of the forum games thread. Or maybe it's just me. And I know about the group, steeple bullied me into joining it)

Not a stranger to the art of being distracted, I do not stay occupied long and set to work on a beam that molecularly disassembles the hill and re-assembles it... ON THE MOON.

My moon hi-*Gahk* no air or atmosphere
*Cue Blue Danube waltz*

(Really? Didn't know that. Also I made a group for a RP here and one of the group categories beside stuff like roleplaying and a lot of anime for some reason was ponies. You should have seen the stuff I posted in the last tug of war thread we had.)

While on the moon you are quickly distracted by this

Quickly takes the hill and brings it back down and hides it under the sea.


I remember two threads that are effectively King of the hill threads.

Therefore I claim this hill out of seniority!



I think you'll find I'm a year older than you! HA!

(Compromise, I'm older on the escapist, you on life general.

Say they cancel out, no?)

I replace your brain with that of a frog using teleportation, a hacksaw and general disregard of ethics .

My hill... even.. though you never took it anyway?

I destroy the planet and stand on the hill, which is the only surviving feature of the Earth. Then I push you into space.

I burrow up from underground, and tickle your feet. You fall off the hill.

*jumps on*

*pushes off*

*stands on*

*baseball bats*


*steals bat* Mine

Oh, that's not the game? <,<

*kisses and pushes off when you're in total shock*

It worked in Get Smart!

I materialise on the hill with my TARDIS, picking up Redlin, dematerialise, kick him out, then rematerialise.

my hill, my TARDIS

future me travels back to blow me up

still my hill


My hill.

I drop gu- sorry "super kami guru" on you. You die a horrible, tragic death

My hill

Seizure procedure!

My hill.

Burnination nation!
My hill

You cannot pass!

My win! Of my hill!

I use a giant stereo to blair the most annoying song in the world. Your brain leaves your head and all living things in an area of 30 feet shrivel and die. My desolate hill

Falcon PAWNCH!

My hill now.

*Flicks nose* :3

Appearing in an explosion of doves, I wink and with an audible pop the hill dissapears from under you, and rises up underneath me. You fall into the open field, and are also on fire, that happened somewhere in there too.

You just got Jim Darkmagic magic'd. MY HILL.


*boxes you off the hill*


My hill!

Guns at sun down

...and I have both guns. *Bang* *Bang*
And a Anti-material rifle *BANG*
And a katana *slice*
And my fists *Smack'd*
And a balloon sword *Honk*

My hill

*Anti-you ray*

My hill.

*Blu rays*

Trojan Horse, fired from a trebuchet.

My hill, though I shouldn't have filled the thing with people

I use ____________ to remove you.

My hill now.

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