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Hehe. X3
Well fine, as nice as listening to someone gob on the mic for 3 minutes was I'll give it a 4/10. =P

Where'd the "Why you no like me?" come from? o.o

Just Plain Lazy:

Where'd the "Why you no like me?" come from? o.o

"Why Don't You Like Me?" are literally the only 5 words in the entire song... repeated over and over again, with increase amounts of distortion and inaudibility...<.<

9/10... one point of due to the fact that the silly prototype 2 trailer used it very badly...<.<

Classic music video...<.<

It really screams we found all of this awesome junk at the dump and want to use it somehow...

7/10. It's a little bit... disjointed, I guess. Still enjoyable, though.

8/10 as much as it sounds like music that I don't like, I really liked it... put me in a good mood too, which is hard to do...<.<

6/10 not the sort of music I'm into but it's not too bad. Kinda liked the effect on the guitars though.

6/10 Pretty OK, I didn't dislike it but it's the kind of thing I won't remember in 5 minutes.

It wasn't bad, but the chorus just kinda ruined the song for me. It didn't fit and didn't give the song anything to keep me wanting more.

7/10 I've never heard of them, but that was a pretty good song. I like it. ^-^

4/10 Didn't like the singer, or anything else, really.

Well, that was... interesting, to say the least. I was on the fence until the first chorus, at which point I started to like it quite a bit. A solid 8/10 from me.

This one needs a bit of background.. Devin wrote this (along with the other three DTP albums) after quitting drugs, alcohol, and his past musical projects, which were heavily influenced by substance abuse. At about the 3:00 mark, his dark past is starting to catch up with him, and the temptation is overwhelming him. For the best effect, turn the volume up a little from the start, and don't change it.

9/10 That was really good, and by that I mean I really like it, since I can't say I can identify what's good and what isn't.

5/10 Rather generic and boring all around.


Posting it before it gets taken down <.<

5/10 That was...bizarre.

R.E.M. is awesome.

6.5/10 Above average, but still not too good in my opinion.

7/10 I liked it well enough.

I'm so sorry that's so long, but it's just what I happened to be listening to, you don't have to listen to the whole thing if you don't want to Mr. next guy.

5/10 Rather generic and boring all around.


Posting it before it gets taken down <.<

I hope you don't mind me asking but why would it be taken down???
It didn't have anything weird on it, and I have no idea why that guy said it was bizarre, it looks normal enough for me.

7.5/10 so not what I usually listen to... and far too over dramatic for my tastes but I guess it was pretty good...<.<

5/10 Pretty average old stuff.

Luna Sea is good, although a little bit campy.

6/10. It was ok but would probably be used as background noise rather than actually listening to it.

5/10 That was... odd, and not my kind of music.

Aww, hell yeah. I was bumping some Boston when I was a little kid. Before I got into hip hop, I liked stuff like this and '80s music.


I'll be surprised if someone listens to the whole song.

7/10... two points off of historical inaccuracies at chorus...<.< seeing as how the downfall of the natve americans was due to what is considered one of the worst plagues in the history of the world, killing as much as 99% of some indian populations and overall lowering what was a population of millions, even bigger than Europe at this point, down to as few as a couple thousand... particularly in the east...<.<

8/10 Not bad.

0/10 Not sure if music...

Interesting, but special stuff. Sounds OK.

Interesting, but special stuff. Sounds OK.

I simple orchestral track with an excellent sense of atmosphere and dynamics. Not terribly creative, however.


(Thread resurrect!)

Metal's not really my scene, but this song definitely had its moments

Hmmmmm....7/10. Repetitive, but interesting use of tone and production techniques. Guitar could have been more innovative, drums were sterile.


I doubt anybody hasn't heard Mastadon's most recent.

7/10 I hadn't heard Mastodon's most recent. I'm surprised at how straightforward that was- almost a pop crossover in some ways. Mastodon is always solid though

Little variation, but has potential. Also, what the svarte was that sound between 0:51 and 2:18?

6/10 Always up for VG soundtracks. Not terribly memorable, but listenable

5/10 Melodramatic and kind of boring...

7/10 A nice melancholic feel.

9/10 So much nostalgia...

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