Rate the song above you!

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8/10 yeah that was pretty cool... I like Mos Def...<.<


4/10 never been a fan of hip hop or rap really. But this was a lot better than some rap I've heard on the raido.

8/10 Quite good, liked the singer, not so much the lyrics...

Peppy, catchy beat, reminds me a lot of 90's punk-alternative rock. 7.5/10

4/10 That was pretty bad and really melodramatic... and overall just felt insincere more than anything else... I actually didn't mind the singing, just what he was singing about and his tone...<.<

It's the blues... I've never seen the show before... but I actually like this band...<.<

Well that was nice, 8/10 also it didn't make my headache worse which is great.

What? it helps with the headaches.

6/10 Not the best from the game. One day I'll finish it.


Dammit Kenbo, how have I not heard of them before now? 8/10.

1/10...that was extremely boring.

2/10 Generic metal isn't my thing.

EDITED Post: 8/10 - The layered instruments in the chorus, intro, and outro are nice, the guy has a good voice, and it's nice to be able to hear a bass player for once.

'twas really relaxing, the guitar and drums were great. The intro was a bit too long though. 8/10.

I hope this song won't get me suspended

5/10, the beat was good, but it wasn't very funny.

4/10 Not quite fond with this kind of music, just blatant screaming at several parts, sorry.

Heard this on the radio, decided to put it for criticism:

9/10, that's a classic.

5.5/10 - Every Time I Die is very hit-and-miss for me, and that's not really one of the songs I like.

5/10, I could never get into Dir En Grey.

5/10. Kind of all over the place- ZZ Top guitar, the verses remind me of the Butthole Surfers, hair metal chorus, and then the banjo. Great band name though

5/10, the beat was good and the vocals were cool, it was just kinda boring.

3/10 Again, not my thing.

7/10 Not too bad, one of the best Pillows songs you've posted.

Obscure song from a 1970s ad go!

5/10... well I didn't hate it... nice and cheesy... but I don't really know much about Australian Football... so... yeah...<.<

7/10 good instruments, but the vocals were kinda lame.

Warning, this song is really sad:

4/10 It was strange and then the yelling started. I shouldn't be rating a song like this because I don't really get the screaming vocals. Musically though it was a bit samey but it had something to say.

10/10... that was awesome... nothing not to like in that song...<.<

9/10. St Vincent is the best. Gets a 9 for not being Paris Is Burning

2/10...that was rather, boring.

3/10 Just bleh... I mean it's better than Attack Attack... but it's just nothing special, utterly melodramatic in every sense to the point that it just becomes silly and the instrumentals, apart from a pretty okayish bass tone in the breakdown, just all ran into each other swirling into this mass of indistinguishable guitar noise over drums... plus I don't like screaming at all... I mean there's nothing wrong with screaming in a song if it comes naturally, see the countless Nirvana songs or occasional Tool or Melvins song... but "screaming" as a "singing style" simply betrays the entire idea of screaming in the first place...<.<

Also an extra point for the guitarist using a hollowbody... because it looks funny...

Instrumental... and not really the blues...


8/10 Like me some Arctic Monkey's... though that's not my favorite song...

Not my favorite Modest Mouse song... I've already posted that one...

I really like them.

5/10 Eh... not much of a fan... really wasn't feeling it especially the singing... wasn't terrible though I suppose...

Time for a creepy music video...

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