Rate the song above you!

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7.5/10 It's funny, the fact that it has Spanish subtitles means that it's in two languages I can't understand. It was still good though.

Tiny Tim - Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight

gah. I posted way to slow -.-

10/10 I feel like everything is going to be ok now. I gatta say, i loved it. classic

9.5/10 I have always absolutely adored the song, I'm just not a big fan of the music video.

9/10 That was awesome. The bassist was getting down.
you all need to watch this lol.

10/10 because it's a Songify This song that isn't by Schmoyoho.

6.5/10 It's an interesting song, but it's not that great.


1/10...that was...something.

Moskau, Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand, Rußland ist ein schönes Land, ho, ho, ho..... oh sorry. I was too caught in Fijiman's song to notice...damn classics....



The intro is really cool and I like the melody at times. Also, the interludes have something. What breaks the song for me, however, is the singing: I don't get anything from it - it doesn't seem to have any synergy with the song, instead it just seems boring and unnecessary most of the time. The small choral passages are decent though.

How about some jazzy-fusiony-thingy?

8/10 Quite enjoyable.

damn classics....

Sometimes you really can't beat the classics.

7.5/10 Still can't understand a word they're saying, but it was fairly good.

Turisas - To Holmgard and Beyond

3/10 Just a chore to get through... In no way memorable or enjoyable...


Definitely has something I can't put my finger on. It's too boring and unremarkable at first glance, but somehow it seems to work.

How about a highly energetic alternative rock song, straight off of a rock opera?

8/10 Pretty good, I was expecting the singer to have a deeper voice though....

3/10...just...not very good.

0/10 No. Just no. Unoriginal, boring, and just not good. At all.

8/10 Pretty good. Not what I'd usually listen too

8/10, who doesn't like Halloween music?


Intro and the the part following 3:50 is awesome. Before that, though, not so much - the melody and singing is kind of decent but not that remarkable. Still, the song is varied enough and has a lot of cool moments.

How about some synthy J-rock/pop?

4/10 The video was cool and I liked the idea... but it just didn't sound good... and was on the border of being annoying... as it stands it's just somewhat grating...<.<

5/10 I've heard that riff before.
It would be easy to listen to in a club or something but not at the moment. Still yards and yards better than any dance-'ish music I've heard recently.

What we're gonna do right here is go back through time.

7/10 Haha, that was cool...


Not bad. Not bad at all. I don't really like Nirvana but that song has something - in particular, that slow build-up of force I really do like. Far too repetitive, though.

How about some polish chill-out music?

7/10, that was good.

4/10 Those were some of the worst nonsensical lyrics I've ever heard.

7/10 I can't understand Japanese damn it.

Starship - We Built This City

5/10 That was too eighties for me <.<

I tend to not like Japanese songs, but I like this one. 8/10. If I just listen to the song, I feel like I'm listening to an intro for an anime.

Who wants to go on a trip?

Whoever listens to this, look at my avatar whilst doing it and tell me how much this song suits it.

2/10 I suppose that just wasn't really for me...

7/10 pretty good... but all this Jrock you post is starting to sound the same...<.<


Good. I like the interlude at around 2:45 a lot, and it has some variation. But the singing and melody is not really engaging...

How about we get down the far end with menacingly mysterious jazzy artsyness?

7.5/10 Pretty good, though I question why it needed to go on for nearly 8 minutes.

5/10. music was good, the vocals were pretty weak.

5/10. I appreciated how the guitars went in interesting directions with their hint of jazziness, but I really didn't like the singer. They came together in a very uncomfortable way that was less than the sum of its parts. The guitar and rhythm sections could have fared much better in a different song, so I gave this a 5 because 5 is in the middle.

7/10... a bit too hipster for my liking... but I can dig it...<.<

Dinosaur's new stuff, Because I can...

7/10. Solid stuff, but not their best.

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