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7/10, pretty good. Sounds very Halloween-ish.

27/40. Very standard in all its successes and issues- bright and upbeat, but the singer is crap. Fits the emo/pop-punk mold perfectly, but does it well.

6/10 It's good I think, but I don't really like it =S

Not bad at all. Melancholic, yet very relaxing. Mood fits this autumn season.

Now for something completely different

I gave up.. Can't believe I made it to a minute.


Oh nostalgia! =D

Even though I'm not usually drawn to that music I still found it interesting to listen to the struggle, he also has a great voice!

4/10... just a chore to get through... Musically being in a mid tempo is always an awkward position to be in... though they really don;t have a problem with that... it's really just how aimless the whole thing feels... the flow is rather static and gives off a constant feeling of anxiety, like it's leading up to something, constantly... it's jarring... and the lyrics and tone are so needlessly dark and mellow dramatic that it makes the entire endeavor feel as detached from normal human emotion as you can possibly be, without being on a higher plain of existence...Star Child style... It's like trying to relate to Mitt Romney... it's an impossible task... so overall not good... but not terribly offensive either... Just sort of there, immediately forgotten...<.<

7/10 Dinosaur Jr. doing what they do.
I like these guys but I'm not sure I could listen to them on bulk.

A bit different from the normal stuff I post.

Eh, not really my music but the music video made up for it!

5/10. I don't know what to latch onto about any part of this song or this performance. It's competent

I'm not usually a fan of that singing style but it was alright, would have liked it to be longer. I thought the ending of this song was great, the sudden change really made me stop for a second..and I liked it.


I like the sound a lot. The singing fits in well with the harder guitar-work and provides a nice synergy. I do, however, miss a really engaging refrain to go along with it. On the other hand, the second part of the song, starting from about 3:50 is great to listen to, with variation and some really great moments.

How about another almost film-score-y piece, this time featuring an accordion and a violin?

8/10... quite good.. I liked it a lot... but it just goes on too long... there were so many better places to end and check out than where it actually did, and it felt a bit aimless and worn by the end... even if the whole thing does pick up a bit...<.<

William Shatner's spoken word album... wat?


Has a very early 80s vibe to it. Hearing William Shatner just talking over it most of the time makes it really interesting. The singing in between also works and the guitars are fine. I don't really like its simplicity though, so it gets boring rather quickly; Could have done with 2 minutes less.

How about some good old Power Metal based on Tolkien's Silmarillion?

8/10, that was pretty awesome.


I really like the sound of that one - it has a certain power that I did not expect, especially since the song by itself is not that varied or surprising as far as I can see. Maybe it reminds me a little bit of The Darkness or even Queen, or perhaps it's just to fucking catchy. Anyway, I really dig this one.

EDIT: Got another +1 in hindsight. Listening to that song on repeat for two days straight accounts for something, right? Too damn catchy....

How about some avantgarde metal with swing influences?

I had to hear this one.
8/10 That was refreshingly different and the two genres kind of work together.

Australian funk band just out of school.

10/10. That was a very fun song, and they looked like they were having a blast playing it. The high school band vibe only added to the awesomeness. Immediately bought their stuff, so thanks for that.


Not bad, probably would have liked it better if it didn't sound like a guy stoned out of mind singing.

8 out of 10. I love big, trashy sounding riffs. Also Cage the Elephant's singer sounds like Jack White (that's a complement)

7/10. A little schizophrenic tonally, but overall, a good time was had by all.


Not bad, but boring. While the song is decent overall and reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode, the melody and those recurring chants are either boring or just annoying.

How about a song that is based on a Japanese rule 34 game of all things?

6.9/10 better than I expected. A song like this wouldn't go astray in the radio stations I usually frequent but I'm not sure that I'll remember it in a week.

Saying that I'll probably sing the hook "touch fluffy tail" if the situation comes up in the future.

Yeah I did.

7/10... that actually worked pretty well acoustically... hardly russelled my jimmies... but it was pretty good...<.<

10/10. I love that song so very much.

There's always time for Björk. Really lovely song.

I've never really listened to Motorhead but they are awesome. I really enjoyed the lyrics, the part around 2:55, the solo, and the entire song was a pretty good listen.

Nice, very nice. Never heard of this one before. Took some time to get used to the singer, especially after Lemmy, but the guitar was amazing. I can dig this.

8/10 Good listen, I think I've heard this song before. What isn't to love about Lemmy's iconic voice? I would rather listen to the previous Motorhead song though.

Never heard of Down? Well sir, have another!

8/10 Not bad.


7.5/10 I like it, reminds me of Tony Hawk's PS 4

2/10, soothing, but really boring.


Very good song. The guitars at the start sound awesome and I really like the build up to 2:30 with the screaming timedly setting in to enhance the actual singing. The following bridge and almost rap-sounding part make this really interesting and provides some good variation for those 5 minutes. The screaming setting in eventually then makes for a working climax at the end. The only thing that really keeps it from a higher score is the sort of derivative song-structure and singing in the first two minutes.

How about something truly weird like breakcore mixed with ambient and classical?

7/10 A bit erratic at times, but overall pretty good.

The Logical Song - Roger Hodgson

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