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I like it's punk-rocky nature. But that's pretty much it. It has no really interesting instrumental work, singing or melody. The only thing that rescues it from being totally forgettable are its pace-changes. Overall: okay but meh.

How about pretentious progressive rock?

6/10 Not really my style, but no that bad.

6/10, not really a big fan of The Smiths. But not bad.


Not bad. Not bad at all. Instrumentals work and the part following the second minute sounds awesome. Refrain is just average, though, and the singing doesn't seem to go too well with the overall song. It kinda gets too much at times where the guitarwork decouples itself from the singing and both seem to be at odds with each other. For the most, part, however, it works well enough.

How about some experimental rock from the nineties?


How about some experimental rock from the nineties?

7/10 I generally like Faith No More, but they're anything but experimental... just a pretty good rock band, that happens to have lots of influences, though does little to pave it's own way through experimentation... not much else to say, though, this song in particular drags a bit, though when it get's going it's pretty good...<.<

Now if you want something truly experimental, I'd suggest a look at Bog Black, The Boredoms, or the Butthole Surfers...<.<

Though, that isn't to say that they're particularly good...<.<

2/10, the fuck was that. Bad production, terrible vocals, only thing saving it is the drums.

5/10 Funky!
And I have to give them credit for the variety in the song. The downside is the string section/ heavy distortion/ Male harmony thing that Fallout boy always do doesn't seem to work for my tastes, but I am a music snob so my tastes are weird, but this was deffinatly the best Fall out boy song that I've heard.

And for my song;
It was a toss up between a Folk song from a Swedish group or the song from the new Bioshock trailer.

Crank it!

8/10... Whoa that rocked... it sort of walked that fine line between being a legitimately good song and being a good anthem... the chorus, pounding drums and call and response nature give it a sense of grandeur, but it's powerful riffing and raw vocals really pull it above the nature of a simple stadium anthem...

I always forget just how much I like Wicked Lady... but I'm on a Wicked Lady Binge at the moment...<.<

8/10, that was very good. Easily the best song you've posted.


Got a little repetitive, but still somewhat nice!


I'am positive we had that song around here before. Ahhh...here it is.... :D

Not that I really mind, though. It's from one of the forefathers of progressive rock. And I like progressive rock. Especially since the song really packs a punch. The instrumentation and pace is enjoyably varied and it flows really good - the synths are a special joy since they enhance the song yet manage to not get annoying with time. Another thing, however, is pretty annyoing: the singing. It's so shrill and obnoxious that I dread each second I hear that guy screech - it's the sole reason I can't see myself ever getting into that band despite those extremely awesome instrumental passages.



How about some experimental rock from the nineties?

I generally like Faith No More, but they're anything but experimental... just a pretty good rock band, that happens to have lots of influences, though does little to pave it's own way through experimentation... [...]

Now if you want something truly experimental, I'd suggest a look at Bog Black, The Boredoms, or the Butthole Surfers...<.<

Probably a semantics and definition issue here. To me, they aren't the usual kind of rock that I think of from the nineties; they vary a bit so that's what I already consider to be kind of experimental in itself. Also note that Wiki is also putting them there. But yes, they are a far cry from the "really" experimental stuff. As a sort of distinction I usually designate those as "Avantgarde". Speaking of which...

How about some music you have to work for to really "get it"? It's just pure atmosphere, nothing more. Protip: Turn down the lights. Turn off the computer screen and just listen to it. Warning: gets pretty metally heavy with time.

Fifteen minutes! Ok I've got a beer so let's do this!

7/10 well it defiantly hit the mood it was going for. The slow build up which ended up with that really heavy part was perfectly timed and the outro part made it feel like you've gone through something heavy and the better times are a head of you.

Something a bit less involved.

6/10, not bad, just a bit boring though.

5/10. Christian screamo or whatever is new, but still not my cup of tea.

5/10 defiantly a song that I'd hear on the radio station I listen to. not to exciting though.

I picked these guys because of the name.

6/10, not bad but not very good. Music video was funny though.

4/10... god, just draining... it's the same thing you've posted over and over again... just as aggressively melodramatic, just as blandly written and performed, and just as sterile... though, I like how occasionally everyone in the video looks like they were starting to have a seizure and I appreciate not being screamed at... Though still, meh at best, annoying at worst, and boring everywhere else... really it's just supremely uninspired to the point that I'd say it has absolutely no personality of it's own...<.<

God the production value is terrible... but that's part of punk I suppose...<.<

7.5/10. Excellent song. The singer's dopey howls are what made it awesome

This song won't leave my head, so the only proper thing to do is share the fun

6.5/10 Well the music was really good but the singer was not so much. He seemed kind of innocent in a funny way though.

Also that guitar solo needs a little work.


Heh, I thought that might've had something to do with the Queer's song of the same name...<.<

OT: 7/10... yeah that was cool... not a huge fan of the singing, much too clean... but the chord progression is very Nirvanaish... and I like that... though the overall pacing feels off...<.<

I wonder if that's really J singing... it sounds like it could almost be him... certainly nasally enough...<.<



Seriously is there anyone who doesn't like this song?

8/10. Awesome song, funny video.

?/10. I wanted to like it just for being about manticores, but it wasn't a very good song, but then I sort of liked it? I don't know. It's too late to think about this. Good effort.

EDIT: Now there's Irish punk. That I can appreciate. Not their finest hour, but whatever, they're always fun. 7/10

I love this song, but I just found this video. What is this? Did this take 6 minutes or 4 months to make? Why are we here? I need to sleep

6/10. It's decent to start off, but it gets really repetitive as it goes through.

3/10. Sounds too much like elevator music for me to enjoy it.

4/10... the openign was cool a very Mike Watt-ish bassline... and than it broke down into the same thing it always breaks down into... as monotonous and soul crushingly oppressive as always, and not in a good way, where there's actual emotion... though that break down in the middle with the saxophone was pretty cool, though it transitioned about as well as you think saxophone in this kind of stuff would... that is to say not well at all... other than that there's nothing to write home about...

7/10 not bad, reminded me of Silversun Pickups.

9/10 It had a very nice beat to it and the lyrics fit in really well.

Doctor Steel - Build the Robots

6.5/10... kind of token and anemic, but I like what was there...

8.6/10 Very nice.

Gomez - See The World

9/10 Catchy and great vocals.

7/10, pretty nice.

8.3/10 A fairly good song.

M83 - Midnight City

8/10. I always wondered what the name of that song was. I dig it.

1/10... oh god... it's everything that's wrong with whiny emo rock and sterile europop/electro/trance, whatever the hell you want to call it this day of the week, mashed together with the same amount of grace and subtlety someone would put into pouring gravy on their mash potatoes... it's just worthless and painful to listen to... every piece, every second, it's like it's trying to give me a lobotomy through the ear canal...

Cleanse my ears and my soul Neil Young...<.<

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