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8/10... short... but it's a bassists playing like a god damned bassist should... I hate bands where the bassist is a glorified metronome...<.<

Chromatic Aberration:
Same goes for the singing, which I'd usually dislike for being of the typical boring Nirvana inspired variant.

Just wondering... have you heard Nirvana before? I know J mascis, the guy singing in the last song, is no opera singer... but a Kurt Cobain comparison doesn;t make any sense either... I mean, aside from the obvious fact that they sound nothing a like, not even tropes in vocal melodies or similarities in lyrics or song construction make any sense...

Considering Nirvana's roots in classic rock and pop songwriting styles, mostly learnt from the Beatles and Bob Dylan, which came down to a lot of verse chorus verse, with lots of metaphors to get the point across... While on the other hand Mr. Mascis, who was the one who wrote the song, has admitted in interviews that he doesn;t give a fuck about lyrics or melody and only throws them on top as a pleasantry, utilizing very simple lyrics and a basically non existent melody... also, there's the fact that they sound nothing like eachother... I mean just listen to any Nirvana song, Kurt screams and yelps like the end of the world is coming and he just spent the last 10 months smoking 10 packs of cigarettes a day... Hell J Mascis's singing voice is closer to Kurt's speaking voice than anything else...<.<

I mean a concern might be prompted if you understood the relationship the members of Nirvana had with J Mascis, and subsequently Mike Watt, who was also featured on that song, playing Bass... I mean Nirvana, both Krist Novaselic and Kurt Cobain were both fans of the band Dinosaur Jr. and at one point asked Mr. Mascis to join Nirvana as the drummer... also J's band, Dinosaur Jr, who you've no doubt heard music on this thread from before, with the release of their 1991 album, Green Mind, was considered a contemporary of Nirvana, even though they had albums dating back until 1983, long before Nirvana, and emerged from a completely different music scene on the otherside of the country... but it really doesn't matter, considering, A) J Mascis would be influencing Nirvana, which he did though to no significant extent, and B) This type of song is completely different to what J mascis normally releases... So... yeah... Just Sayin...<.<

Either way...


yeah...Nirvana....listened to some of their albums before and realized that I don't really like them. Too repetitive, Kurt Cobain annoys me and the guitar and drums always fade into a jumbled mess in the background for me. The melody and guitarwork is sometimes cool, as in this song, but still, I can't really relate to Nirvana in total.

That said....


Chromatic Aberration:
Same goes for the singing, which I'd usually dislike for being of the typical boring Nirvana inspired variant.

So... yeah... Just Sayin...<.<

Alright...point taken. Teaches me to do my research before writing comparisons like that I guess... :p

How about some...errr.... some progressive/avant-garde metal with a style dubbed "Dark Cabaret" according to Wikipedia?

6/10 >Not really sure what to make of this. It does have its catchy moments, but it seems to be missing something to make it stand out more. Everything stays kind of stagnant throughout the song for me.

Time for some happy hardcore.

6/10, it was alright. I'm not really into electronic music (save for a few artists)

6/10 Wasn't that great.

Hadouken - Mecha Love

4/10 Link didn't work but I found it on youtube I think.
Bland dance; just noise to my hipster ears sorry. I can see it going off in a club though it's the right kind of song.

German Doom Metal........yeah it's German Black Sabbath.

7/10, good instrumentals, sweet bassline, but the vocals bring this song down.

4/10. Haven't heard Circa Survive in a long, long time. A big part of that is that their songs have some quality that I can't pin down but that just makes me uncomfortable listening to them. It's not a bad song, but it still has that effect on me...

2/10 Nah I just can't get into rap.

Short and sweet.

6/10, it wasn't terrible. I just didn't care for it.

4/10. For all its energy, it has no momentum and no hooks. Just yelling over clunky guitars.

8/10 I don't know why but I was worried that it was going to go screamo for a second there. But yeah good stuff I liked it.


I have a soft spot for good Doom. This one is no exception, the sound is really nice and I especially like the quieter parts when the singing sets in as counterpoints to the heavy guitars. What I don't like, though, is the singing which is...too...err...1970s I guess for my taste. It just seems kind of artificial and never carries enough force to make the song somehow stand out.

How about German rap from the 90s?

7/10, not bad, good beat, I just have no idea what they're saying.


Ahhh yes Psychostick. I remember those guys. Actually need to listen to some of their albums. Not because of this song here, though, which is funny as I expected but from the point of music far too common and entirely forgettable core.

How about more ridiculous metal that plays genre roulette for a change?

2/10 Well that was seven kinds of stupid.

Machine Head - Nausea

7/10, I love me some Machine Head.

5/10. My enjoyment of the bass and the clashing guitar is tempered by my hatred of any song in which someone says they're gonna have a good time.

I will give that a 7.5 because it was quite good


8/10 that was awesome.

7/10 I liked it!

I will give it an 8 because it was a very chill song

I liked the woman vocalist


Finally someone actually posts a band that I like and I miss it...<.<

3/10 really tedious and boring...<.<


Well someone has to keep it classy around these parts

Anyway, 7.3/10. There's just not enough clarinets in popular music.

5/10, not bad, but not great. Just a bit boring.

5/10 Not too bad... I could almost get into that one... the vocals are your typical punk rock growls, but they're at least listen able... and the instrumentals are showing some inspiration, I especially liked the bass... but it's all let down by how disjointed, yet busy it feels... it's just something completely forgotten after you listen to it, mostly because it's almost impossible to concentrate on any one part of the song...

~Broken Social Scene~

Must post more songs with J Macsis in them... o.o

Been really feeling this album lately... Though, there's something very David Bowie-ish about this song, and I'm not sure why...<.<

5/10, I'm not a big fan of Dinosaur Jr. I find them boring. This song didn't help.

5/10 was kinda boring.

7/10... typically not a fan of this kind of stuff... but it really struck a chord... I really love the almost pulsating nature of the pacing... like it's constantly about to explode... and while the simple pay off isn;t quite what I was hoping for it was certainly conclusive... so yeah pretty good actually...<.<

Kenbo Slice:
I'm not a big fan of Dinosaur Jr. I find them boring. This song didn't help.

certainly one of their slower songs... but I would hesitate to call the band that, over the course of three albums, helped found the corner stone of, not just grunge, but shoegazing, low-fi and stoner sludgemetal, boring... bad singing? sure... clumsy and sloppy? certainly... Bad production value? it's one of their tropes... but I wouldn't call the forefathers of several genres of metal and alternative music boring...<.<

Basically a jam session...<.<


I'm not denying what they did for music. It's just every band who they influenced did it better than they did(without being clumsy, sloppy, or having terrible production). I'm not a fan of bad singing, sloppy music playing, or bad production (unless it's a demo). I like my music to sound clean and crisp.

That being sad, 0/10. Just noise. Pure, crappy, noise.

Thread needs more Periphery.

1/10 nup just can't enjoy that heavy of a metal.
It got a point because of the little melisma the non screaming singer did. It made me smile.

7/10. I like your style. I could do without the singer, but I couldn't ask for much more from the rest of the song.

6/10, the music wasn't bad and the video was cool. But the vocals kind of sucked.


Has some enjoyable parts in terms of the singing and the refrain and also packs some force but is in total nothing new. I will probably have forgotten everything about this song within the hour.

How about really angry punk-rock that incorporates some metal elements? Feel free to give your thanks to GEMA which forced me to share such an unconnected fan-made video along with the song....


I liked the instrumentals the best. The singer was alright, I'd have to listen more to "get it" though.

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