Rate the song above you!

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5/10, not terrible, it just never went anywhere.

6.7823/10. I liked how it pulled its punches for the first half of the song. Had some good dynamics for once.

6/10 The beginning was funny.
The song on the other hand was a standard punk rock song. But it was the better side of punk not that imitation Green day let's wear make up kind of music.

I think that the singer could give Kesha a run for her money in terms of partying.

Really liking this band at the moment.

7/10 Pretty good. Honestly I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did.

Now, more fan made P5 stuff.

6/10. It wasn't that great.

I like it, very good!

Interesting sound, clever premise -- I like it! 4/5

If you like it, I would really recommend you listen to their whole EP. Pure bliss.

3/10, boring, monotonous, and spent 2 minutes building up into a crappy climax.

2.26/10. No thanks

10/10 Oh yes the Avalanches!
These guys make some really interesting music and I'd rate this track as their best.
The film clip is really touching as well. That ending.

2/10, this song. I hear it all the time and it annoys me to no end.

7/10 They were doing well until their singer decided to start screeching incoherently.

Andrew Huang - You Were My Brightest Light

6/10. Solid song, nothing particularly noteworthy though.

8/10 Ha I voted for this song in a top fifty best film clip countdown just this morning.
She has a really sweet voice.

10/10 god damned... I just... that was so damn good... I honestly can;t think of a single moment of that song that wasn't sure amazing... the powerful drumming, chuging guitar, falling into blistering screeches and even the great dynamic between the two singers... it was so damned good...<.>


:O Lancelot... just found this band... they're very Dinosaur Jr ish, Like if Dinosaur Jr had formed in Taiwan and for some reason sounded like the Pillows had sex with Fugazi.. but either way give em a look... I really like em... even if the accent gets in the way sometimes... but it's hardly about the lyrics... just haven't heard another band make noises like this in years... definitely not a band from the last 12 years...<.<

Figured I'd share it with you, since we seem to share similar tastes in music... same goes for you Dr. Susse...

You called :)
Really good guitar work in this song. The singer was really irrelevant (Although still good) but man it was all the guitar and drums here. Good stuff.

Yep if you haven't guessed it yet Jack white rocks my world


The piano and acoustic guitar is what does it for me in this case. It provides a very very enjoyable background to a singing that really fits while still having enough force to stand on it's own. It lacks a real highlight at the end and I think the hooks could be better, but overall it's still damn good. I have to listen to more.

How about some jazzy alt. rock?


reminds of some good video music I've heard before :)

7/10 yeah that was pretty good... the guitar work was really nice and his singing was really good... but way too good for my tastes... and I just don;t feel like there's enough here to sustain a 5 minute song... cut out that middle section and I doubt it'd be poorer for it...<.<

7/10 not bad, typical Pixies song.

8/10 Not available in my country but I know the song well.
Great band My morning jacket and I gotta say nice stuff Kenbo.

Reminds me of Moby and Beck.

6/10 huge Beck fan... so I might've had my expectations a bit high... but it's not bad... not something I can see myself really getting into... in general the whole song feels like it's stitched together from cheesy montage music... it's entertaining none the less...<.<

Weirdest thing I've heard this week... but can;t exactly say I didn;t expect it from Mike Watt...<.>

8/10. Not sure if you heard his album from last year (Hyphenated-Man), but that song would have been by far the most accessible track. Anyway, Mike Watt can do no wrong.

Just got around to your last song (the Slack Tide one) too. Pretty killer stuff. Got some major Modest Mouse vibes, especially from the last minute or so. Good find.

6/10, not bad. It was a about a minute too long though.

0/10 nup.
I feel bad that I keep managing to be the guy who posts after Kenbo I just can't enjoy the heavier music.
Sorry dude.

A song about beards.

Lol Susse, I just noticed that you were.

8/10, funny. The singer reminds me of Jack Black.

5/10 It wasn't bad but I didn't like it. Although I don't like that kind of music anyways.

5/10, too..movie trailer sounding.


I find this one a bit lacking: The singing is certainly okay, but it's whinyness annoys me somewhat. Even worse, whatever hook is there doesn't resonate with me at all - it simply lacks any impact whatsoever for me. Forgettable seems to be the right word in this case. Still, the song has a really nice composition and instrumentation to it. The drums and acoustic guitar at the beginning as well as the whole build-up of the song sound great and I especially adore the slow fade-out towards the ending. It's just really unfortunate that they couldn't couple that with something more memorable.

How about a little bit of rather lively Chiptune?

6/10, I'd probably enjoy it more, if it was actually in a video game.


I liked the melody and the song flows well. I just feel there's something... missing that I can't explain. (Probably because I'm musically illiterate if that makes any sense.)


Sounds like an Anime opening song and I wouldn't be surprised if it actually is. That's also the reason why I can't bring myself to like this one: I've heard similar far too often and it doesn't really stand out from all the others. Yes, the guitarwork, singing and overall liveliness is nice but that's it. There is simply nothing remarkable at all to it.

How about some Swedish guys who couple chiptune with metal and have a habit of singing about anime and video games?


It would be much higher if you showed me a year ago, but since then I've moved on from that kinda music theme. But on the plus side, I actually think it's really good compared to the stuff I used to listen to, Back then I would have adored it. But now it's just not my usual cup of tea. I think the chords are great and the solo is also really quite good

But I'd like to see what the next person thinks of this ^_^ It was released about 2 hours ago and all the instruments *except the strings* are played by that one guy, who's 19...And also a friend of mine

But I'm not just plugging my mate for the sake of his fame, the music is actually phenomenal

7/10, pretty good.

6/10. I kinda liked it, which is far more than I can say for most songs of this style.

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