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I find this one a bit lacking: The singing is certainly okay, but it's whinyness annoys me somewhat. Even worse, whatever hook is there doesn't resonate with me at all - it simply lacks any impact whatsoever for me. Forgettable seems to be the right word in this case. Still, the song has a really nice composition and instrumentation to it. The drums and acoustic guitar at the beginning as well as the whole build-up of the song sound great and I especially adore the slow fade-out towards the ending. It's just really unfortunate that they couldn't couple that with something more memorable.

How about a little bit of rather lively Chiptune?

6/10, I'd probably enjoy it more, if it was actually in a video game.


I liked the melody and the song flows well. I just feel there's something... missing that I can't explain. (Probably because I'm musically illiterate if that makes any sense.)


Sounds like an Anime opening song and I wouldn't be surprised if it actually is. That's also the reason why I can't bring myself to like this one: I've heard similar far too often and it doesn't really stand out from all the others. Yes, the guitarwork, singing and overall liveliness is nice but that's it. There is simply nothing remarkable at all to it.

How about some Swedish guys who couple chiptune with metal and have a habit of singing about anime and video games?


It would be much higher if you showed me a year ago, but since then I've moved on from that kinda music theme. But on the plus side, I actually think it's really good compared to the stuff I used to listen to, Back then I would have adored it. But now it's just not my usual cup of tea. I think the chords are great and the solo is also really quite good

But I'd like to see what the next person thinks of this ^_^ It was released about 2 hours ago and all the instruments *except the strings* are played by that one guy, who's 19...And also a friend of mine

But I'm not just plugging my mate for the sake of his fame, the music is actually phenomenal

7/10, pretty good.

6/10. I kinda liked it, which is far more than I can say for most songs of this style.

5/10 It was bad which was kinda the point I think.

9/10 really liked that... it's what acoustic music should me... music stripped to it's bare basics to really highlight the strength of the songwriting, skill of the artist and sincerity of the whole performance...<.<

I will give it a 7 it was nice but I think something is lost in translation


It took a while to get started, but once it did, the song was pretty enjoyable. Liked the guitar, but felt the vocals were a little weak.


I actually really enjoyed that, I'm not usually into their stuff, but I thought that was really great ^_^ The guy has a great voice and that guitar playing is bloody great O_O

7/10 I liked how simple and roundabout it is... though it's a bit tedious and forgettable...<.<

5/10, the rhythm was nice, decent drumming. Be way better if the vocals weren't so low in the mix.

3/10...Blerg, I really can't appreciate "singing" like that...It just sounds generic and useless

Not my style xD

This is the only video I could find with the version I wanted to put up, ignore the fan made ipod video xD

7/10 I liked how your avy was walking in time.
It was a really fun, boppy song. The break down parts were really cool.

5/10, that was extremely boring.

Well, this isn't what I usually listen to.. BUT IF I DID, I'D SURELY LOVE IT! 8/10

10/10. That's my favorite Def Leppard song.

Damn..I keep ending up reviewing Kenbo's songs, I think our music tastes just clash horribly xD

Once again..It's really not my kind of music, and I strongly dislike the main theme. But I've got to admit, I think that chorus is actually pretty great O_O 6/10!

Hope you enjoy :D!

I will give it an 8 because it is pretty energetic and a good song

6/10... certainly good mood music and the guitar just sounded so damn good with those rising strings and backing chorus... but honestly it's just mood music and it's hard to listen to on it's own, especially with how slow it is to start...<.<

Love that verse... "And if god does exist, I am sure, he will forgive me for doubting, for he'd see how unlikely he, himself, seems..."


The slow pacing and the perfectly timed soli go well with a length that is just enough to not let the repetitive drumming and bass-line get boring. Singing is by itself completely irrelevant but achieves what it seems to be intended for: to further the melancholic atmosphere in this song - a feeling that consistently pervades the song at it's very core and provides an enjoyably immersive experience altogether. Great piece.

How about something that has a similar melancholic feel to it?

Have a myspace link

I got Blue Lincka if that's the right one.
7/10 reminded me of a slightly less heavier System of a Down. Which is good because they are too heavy for me.

Well no apocalypse, this seemed appropriate.

8/10, my personal favorite Pearl Jam song next to Jeremy.

6/10 I was enjoying it until it got up to that spoken bit before the outro. Completely broke the flow of the song (in a bad way) for me and the moments following that stop kinda made me want to stop listening.

CalciusRepton - Float

5/10... eh... I mean I kind of liked it... but it just doesn't float... as the title would lead you to believe... it's far too produced and mechanical... it's the type of music our robot overlords in the future would think humans make...the general idea is there, but it just doesn;t grasp the subtlties... like that atrocious drop in the middle... or just how disconected the entire thing is... it's like a bunch of notes put together in a program rather than a dynamic piece with notes bleeding into eachother... and it makes the whole song feel very distant and inhuman...<.<

Wow. Holy crap, this is absolutely beautiful O_O

That intro. That guitar. THAT BASS....I love this, I'm think I'm going to buy it now ^_^ Thank you! 9/10

I'm going to listen again..

Here's something for the next person ^_^

Extra points for the drummer being Aragorn?

I got Blue Lincka if that's the right one.

Was actually linking to Dead Man Slough. Blue Linckia is good but not nearly as melancholic. Don't worry about it, though ^^


Hell yeah! Lively and well done rock incorporating blues and soul elements. It could be a little bit more catchy, but the sound is already a joy to listen to. I'll probably look into that band. Ohhh and that bloody drummer....he really looks like Viggo Mortensen. Took me a bit of googling to find out that it actually wasn't him >_>

How about more blues-y rock?

9/10 Really enjoyed this one. High energy and great vocals throughout.

8/10, definitely one of my top 10 MCR songs.

6/10... oh yeah I remember these guys... listened to them a bit in high school, before I discovered Nirvana... and I'm also reminded why I stopped listening to them... the melorama... it hurts...<.>

EDIT: 1/10 I don;t know why I try anymore... I mean what else can I say that I haven;t said before? insincere, cliche, tedious, directionless instrumentation, clashing vocal dynamics... I mean said it all before, a hundred times before... I' just gonna stop posting after you, cause I don't want to hear this stuff anymore... I mean I can put up with a lot of stuff... I listen to the Butthole Surfers for christs sake... but the way this stuff just falls together into this unintelligable, unlistenable mess of squealing tedious guitar, synthetic drums and anoying vocal squeals and screams, covered by these insultingly painful and melodramatic lyrics that sound like a teenage girls diary entries written in eyeliner, is just painful and goes against every sense of good or eve listeable music I have in my body...<.>

So yeah kind of sucked... moving on...

Quick mention to this, because that song is incredible :'D

Chromatic Aberration:

How about more blues-y rock?

Now for my actual post xD

Oooo...That's got some really nice build up, I really loved that first 3 minutes of just atmospheric beauty, but I think it really falls flat with what it ends up with, it really lacked that extra punch you look for with all that incredible build up

But still, for all it's faults, that build up is still absolutely brilliant ^_^ 8/10!

Here's my song ^_^

Hope you enjoy :D

Edit: Ninja'd. New song, way better. I can get into that. 7/10

1/10 absolutely painful to listen to... on almost every level... just dripping with insincerity and mellow drama from every pour... to the point that it's unimaginitive a cliche... in both lyrics, vocals and instrumentation, which are more concentrated on being heavy and metal than sounding good... just the worst of everything I hate in music... Nothing much I can say that I haven;t said before on something that you've posted...

and it makes me dread the fact that I realized you ninja'd me earlier in the thread... might as well go get it over with...<.>

The nostalgia it burns...<.>

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