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7/10, I loved it.

I will give it a 6 I guess it was alright

5/10 Barely any transitions in the song made it a boring/ I feel just a solo mid way through would have helped this song. Whats with the pigs being slaughter(Ok, it's not literally pigs, but totally sounds like them) at the end(I'm guessing that was the solo...). That didn't help the song out in anyway.

Dr.Susse- George Cliton was a ft.(vocals and that's all) on that track and had nothing with the musical construction of the song.

6/10 Calm, clean, and funky. I just feel the song was a little bit forgettable in its lyrics.

7.5/10 The lyrics are exceptionally good yet the beat is incredibly repetitive. If only rap producers understood the true meaning of chord "PROGRESSION". Very good song to listen to while chillin' by yourself or a fine young dime.

If you ever been dumped, you might wanna listen to this song.

7/10, not too shabby.

Ahh good old school FOB.


I have already listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy as it was recommended to me years ago because I was going on about how much I loved My Chemical Romance's Black Parade. So I listened and hoped for the kind of revelation that shook me when I first heard Welcome To The Black Parade. Yet it never happened and I was utterly underwhelmed. This song reminded me why: I like the sound, I like the vocals and hoped so much that they could provide something driving, activating or simply something that stuck. But it remained just so utterly bland through all of it. There was no power, no climax, no exceptional melodies or vocals, just that fading hope that there could have been something much better. Underwhelming.

How about another of those video game tunes that belong to a game I have never even seen in action?

7/10... pretty good... I liked the singing... I didn't mind it being in a different language, though it contained this air of smug self confidence that I found off putting... <.<

7/10 Short, sweet, and solid. Loved the guitarwork and liked the light, upbeat flow to the song overall.


THANK YOU so much for finally providing me with the title for this song!


Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! The cliché! IT HURTS US! Seriously, those lyrics, that whiny voice, that overly forced melodramatic video with that singer who looks as bland, forgetful and forced as the song sounds....damn...it hurts...especially since the melody and the guitarwork isn't half-bad. But good god...that oozing kitsch...I really need a dose of something heavy right now....

So, how about a classic that seems appropriate for my post count?

9/10, one of Maiden's best songs.

I don't even know what to rate this... it's possibly the worst thing you've posted... I mean musically it's on the level that I've come to expect... confusing, monotonous, creatively bankrupt etc... but in putting effort into listening to the lyrics, in a vain attempt to find some form of solace in this song, is really where I found it completely worthless... I mean they're not just shallow, it's lower than the level of your average pop song... they're just absolutely devoid of intelligence or emotion... at least the other songs you've posted are a lot of the time melodramatic to the point of almost self parody... but this has all of the sincerity and sophistication of Slurms Mckenzie from Futurama... also the melody, when it decides to have one, is amateur at best... I just don't know what to say to this... I mean, it's really a terrible thing when you make The Electric Six sound like poetic geniuses, with all the subtlety and nuance of a Shakespearean sonnet...<.<

at least it's about something...<.<

6/10 Although it was pretty nonsensical (at least, it feels that way), The song had its catchy moments.

5/10 It wasn't bad but I couldn't get into it.

I am going to give that 5.6 because it had potential for being good but it just was not that good


The song that immediately got me hooked to this album back when it was released and one of my favourite song from Symphony X until today. It's kitsch - I know this. But it's so extremely epic and powerful kitsch that thrives on it's origins in Milton's Poem that it's just an impossibly immersive piece; You can practically hear the sorrow and divine atmosphere in the song and the gravity of the events that transpired. It's a great genre piece, since it's technically speaking just your average common metal ballad, although with exceptionally well done guitar work.

How about some harder core for Kenbo?

7/10, I stopped listening to Trivium after that Metallica rip off that was "The Crusade." But it sounds like they've gone back to their roots. I dig it.


Just by the book generic screamo, with no interesting or redeeming qualities and it wasn't catchy and it never really went anywhere

7/10 That was cool It felt like an older song but with modern bits.
Nice band.

I give it a 6/10. I like the vocals, but not too big of a fan of that loose instrumentation. Pretty good, regardless!

6/10. It's okay, most of the time I had no idea what they were saying and I wouldn't count this as a Christmas song, but still good.

After being tempted to just say the Nickelback sucks thing I really listened to this one.
4/10 They are better than people always say but still not for me. It's the same as Foo Fighters and that whole stadium rock type music, Bon Jovi included, It just is a little dull to me.

But like all music there is a time for it.

Seeing these guys a a gig on Friday.

8/10. Really really brilliant rhythm, but the vocals and lead guitar are kind of pushed back a bit to show off the rhythm. Still, rather enjoyable song.

6/10, not a big Paul Simon fan and this song didn't help.


Has a very nice ratio of screaming to singing which provides a nice synergy between the two. Structure and the hook itself is also decent enough with the refrain contrasting well with the harder parts surrounding it. Where it falls flat, though, is the instrumentation - there is simply nothing creative about it, it just sounds stale and uninspired.

How about something a little longer? Something that is just pure atmosphere again, evoking images of a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

4/10 too long and the song never went anywhere. Maybe it'd work better as a soundtrack to a game or movie, but on it's own it's very boring.

I actually didn't mind that... 7/10

5/10. Nice instrumentation, but the singer's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

6/10... yeah that wasn't bad... never been a big MGMT fan though I liked the bloopy noises...<.<

6/10 Although it was pretty nonsensical (at least, it feels that way), The song had its catchy moments.

Actually the song is about American xenophobia fueled by either outdated ideas of nationalism or a glorification of the last time America was in an objectively just war, I.E. World War 2... not to mention the skewed view of America's position in the world that drives foreign policy...<.<

7/10, pretty good, reminds me of Mewithoutyou.

5/10 The backing instruments are decent at best. Nothing stood out about them. The vocals seemed over strained and forced. The song probably would've been better off with the lyrics sung rather than screamed/screeched.

Actually the song is about American xenophobia fueled by either outdated ideas of nationalism or a glorification of the last time America was in an objectively just war, I.E. World War 2... not to mention the skewed view of America's position in the world that drives foreign policy...<.<

Well, that explains... everything. I feel kind of idiotic for not picking up on that. Thanks for pointing that out.

I love me some chiptune music.

I know how to pronounce that band name because of this song.

7/10 It was pretty catchy. Loved the instrumentation and the spoken vocals in the chorus. That effect really added to the whole mysterious kind of feel to the dong.

5/10. Went back and forth between sounding like an unused track from a Mario 64 water level and an unused track from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It got a lot out of that one little melody, but it was still that melody for 7 minutes.

classy taste in music

*High-fives the only other Chairlift fan I've ever encountered*

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