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2/10 almost completely unbearable... only saving grace is the screaming actually... it's far from good... but it's actualy distinguishable from the other stuff you've posted in the way it crackles and gravels like an actual human being is singing and it's so close to listenable at some points where his singing devolves into screaming like it's an actual human being stretching his singing limits... but of course that's not the case so yeah... the rest of the song is just so much lettuce laid under your crab that is this song... also that forgive me was probably the stupidest thing I've heard in months... not because of the sentiment, it's actually quite relatable... but from the brain dead exploration and depiction on the matter... it's very insincere and simplifying complex emotions...<.<

Songs like this make me all misty eyed... just not enough songs with this kind of forthright blunt sincreity...;~;

7/10, good punk rocky feel to it.

I disliking screaming in the mic, that distracted me from the rest of the song so 2/10

please raise your volume

Not as good as their old stuff, but it's Rolling Stones, so it's still good. 7/10

These guys are a cool band.

Picked mainly for the clip

3/10, music video was good. But the song itself was lame.

Positive hardcore ftw!

you again with metal, my opinion on metal hasn't changed but the intro was good, then the vocalist started singing. 4/10

Here is David Bowie's newest song

Yes I have it's definitely Bowie; Slightly weird but still more interesting than most pop put out today. Bowie has made some very different songs over the time.

This takes about three listens for it to become amazing.

EDIT: Ha ha Ninja!

9/10... Mother Fuckin David Bowie! honestly I didn;t care much for his last couple of albums before disappearing, but I'm reminded why I loved him to begin with and if this song is any indication we can look forward to an older wiser David Bowie running the show...<.<

To the good Dr Susse: 80s/100. There is so much to love about that song. The only thing that would make it better is a montage of Molly Ringwald pouting about some boy.

To Sacman: 9/10. Stephen Malkmus is a pro. The only problem with this is noticing that he looks sort of old, because I thought he'd be some sort of Thurston Moore ageless android pumping out good songs til the sun goes out.

2/10, sounds like something my hipster sister would love. I for one, don't enjoy much indie music. Most of it sounds the same. Also, the synth loop was annoying.

8/10. Nice and dirty. Gotta love it.


Nah. Definitely not for me. It simply sounds as if stuff was just meshed together in a an attempt to make a good song: Drum and Bass provides a good rhythm, yet never proves to be something interesting. Singing sounds as tacked on as it can get and can't captivate either. Yet the real deal breaker is the guitar which just turns into some kind of annoying undertone of the whole song that makes my head hurt from simply listening to it.

How about something a bit more Weill'ian?

5/10 Was that Filk music?
Very strange by even my folk loving standards, still good for something new though.

D: What do you want to do for our music video Z?

Z: Shots.....

D: OK!

7/10. Killer base line, but just watching them drink made me feel a little queasy. Fuck shots.

8/10, who doesn't love Sly and the Family Stone?

10/10 There isn't anybody who doesn't like the Dropkick Murphys.
Love this song.

6.5/10... eh it was okay... really wasn;t feeling it at first but it certainl got better by the end... though it's really not my type of music... just a cluster of different instruments never gels for me... too hard to concentrate on the core of the song... and it's almost oppressively upbeat... I don;t like happy music...<.<

Oh those silly cultists...<.<

0/10. So...boring...so terrible.

I was just not feeling it

8/10 Ah Ennico one of the best movie composers around. That was a pretty good movie too. The song itself is simple and understated a perfect theme for Deborah.

Doom rock anyone?

3/10. Not my cup of tea. Sounds like a marginally better version of Godsmack or one of that vein of terrible circa-2000 post-grunge bands

7/10, good. Not something I'd listen to, but good.


Is dangerously close to being too whiny, but successfully avoids that and even the very high-strung parts of his singing manage to not get annoying throughout the song. Instead it emanates a calm feel-good atmosphere that I found to be refreshing. Beat and melody convince enough too to make the song a good past-time, of course with not nearly as much depth behind it as I'd usually prefer. The song also grows very repetitive with time and could have done with half it's length. I dig it, though.

Was that Filk music?

*Reads up on what Filk music is*

Huh? Errr...I guess not. Their style varies from song to song and so those guys are far more from the experimental and artsy side of things than mere folkyness. Wikipedia even describes them as an "all-female American indie gothic psychedelic art folk rock band", whose front-woman went on to do performance art after their dissolution.

How about some very hard and loud Black Metal for a change?

8.5/10 Not the kind of thing I normally listen to, but it wasn't that bad.

Deliri0us - Space Funk

5/10. Wasn't bad, but too much 90s R&B influence for my tastes

6/10. It's... Interesting. But I'm not actually sure how I feel about the music itself. It's experimental, for sure. It doesn't fail or anything, just not doing much for me personally.


Damn is that catchy. Not that the melody is particularly good or varied, but the beat and the jazzy/loungy atmosphere that underlies it is something I really like. Unfortunately, there isn't much more to it. It's a typical case of a song that I will listen to for a week on repeat and then never again. Her other songs, however, seem better - so thanks to bringing her to my attention. I have to look into her other stuff.

How about jazzy piano-work based on Paganini?

10/10, wonderful.

6/10 Not really my style, the piano is nice though...

6/10, nice song, if a bit boring.

0/10. I can't stand wub wub.

Kenbo Slice:
0/10. I can't stand wub wub.

It's not Wub Wub, it is Electronic.

5/10, it's ok. Not something I would listen to on a regular basis.


\m/ Good old glam metal. While I don't really like the singing or it's repetitive nature, the riffs and the guitarwork are a joy to listen to.

How about a psychedelic-progressive rock/metal piece of 11 minutes?


Not my style of metal and honestly I think is too long. However it is still enjoyable.

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